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Flashlights 101

June 15, 2017

LED, CREE LED & COB Flashlights

Do you ever wonder…what’s with all the acronyms in the flashlight world? Let us dissect and explain this revolution in lighting!


LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. This technology has been around since the sixties! Through research and developments the once expensive lighting has become main stream. When compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs use 75% less energy and last 25% longer. LED bulbs emit light in a targeted direction – making them a perfect match for flashlight.


CREE LED         

Most people mistakenly think that CREE is a brand of flashlight. Actually CREE is the company that makes high output LED bulbs that are used in flashlights. This new technology gives us a bulb that is super bright, will burn for 100,000 hours and offers twice the lumens per Watt when compared to a Fluorescent bulb! These long lasting bulbs will secure a longer lifespan in our households having a positive impact on the environment. High five CREE LED!


COB stands for Chip on Board. This is the newest technology in LED lighting and means that multiple LED chips are packaged together in one lighting module. This is like a circuit board and has no casing, enabling a much denser array of light. You may be asking yourself what??? No worries, me too. What we really need to know is that they have been designed to use less energy, have a life span of 40,000 – 50,000 hours, can be super compact but extremely bright!

We have styles in all of these categories to brighten your customers way. When looking for the right flashlight, make sure to consider the bulb!

Light up your brand today with flashlights.

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Service Done Right

June 12, 2017

Recently, I had the pleasure of eating at a Chick-fil-A®. Here in Iowa, we only have nine in our state. My first experience was a couple of years ago while traveling out of state with a group. They constantly talked about how much they looked forward to it. Because I had not eaten there before, I didn’t understand their excitement, but I quickly learned why they held the restaurant in such high regard.

So, when asked just recently if Chick-fil-A® was ok for lunch, I didn’t hesitate. The restaurant again did not disappoint. The employees treated us with courtesy from the minute we arrived. A gentleman opened the door and welcomed us. The young man who took our order was polite, patient and didn’t make me feel rushed while I tried to decide. When I thanked him, he said “my pleasure.” Our food was ready before I finished paying. Each table had fresh cut flowers, and in the restroom, they had not only soap but also sanitizer and, most impressively, mouth wash. What? I have never been anywhere that has mouth wash available! Lastly, to top it off, the greeter came around to each table offering to refill drinks, check in to see if anything else was needed and then left mints on your table. I asked my co-worker if this was really a fast food place. Wow, there is no comparison. As we left, yep you guessed it, the greeter held the door, wished us well and gave us a coupon for a free drink on our next visit.

I left feeling good about the experience and the food. We chatted about the experience for quite a while, and it lead to several conversations about service. Our experience at Chick-fil-A® proves that making a lasting impression on the customer can make a world of difference and create brand loyalty. In the case of Chick-fil-A®, my first experience was great, and my second experience was even better. I am a loyal fan now.

A co-worker shared with me that last year when she was with her daughter and granddaughter at the local Coralville mall, everyone had to go to the tornado shelter area due to a weather warning. Strangers were crammed together and hunkered down for shelter near the food court area, a potentially scary situation for everyone, especially kids. During that time, Chick-fil-A® employees were handing out chicken nuggets and juice boxes to the kids to help keep them calm. Their thoughtfulness was an example of going above and beyond. It reminds me of the saying – Go the extra mile. It’s never crowded.

It is easy to feel that people are so disconnected from each other in today’s world. Customer service is not what it used to be and so those that provide great service really stand out more than ever. I firmly believe that “People really do buy from people and brands they know, like and trust.” I myself follow this motto. Do you?

In this case, Chick-fil-A® delivered more than expected. All the way through my visit they went the extra mile and the little extra touches stood out and created a meaningful experience. Remember – small things make a big difference. We should be doing something similar with our customers and ensuring they have the same kind of warm fuzzy feeling when talking about using us. It is an opportunity to reflect on our service and what can we do to stand out from the competition and ensure we are exceeding our customers’ expectations.

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National Ballpoint Pen Day

June 9, 2017

Tomorrow is National Ballpoint Pen Day. #BallpointPenDay

Everyone uses and appreciates pens.

Writing instruments continue to be one of the largest promotional product categories year after year. Consider these facts and make the “write” product choice:

  • 50% – U.S. Consumers own promotional writing instruments
  • 76% – the percentage of consumers who say they keep the pens they receive as promotional items in their home or office
  • 54% – writing instruments are the most-remembered promotional product
  • 6 months – the average promotional pens are kept
  • 363 – the number of impressions per month that a promotional provides to a marketer

Keep your promotions on the “write ” track. Check out website –  for thousands of pens to fit your needs.

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A Smile Is All You Need!

May 18, 2017

What’s the first thing you notice about a person? Their smile is a common answer.

Smiling is such a valuable business asset. As Jay Danzie says, “Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark”.

Think about this quote – Your smile is your logo. Did you know that people who smile appear as more likeable, courteous and even competent? How is your logo today? Remember this quote from Connie Stevens, “Nothing you wear is more important than your smile”.

Yes…business and life can be tough, but make it easier on yourself, your clients and those elusive prospects – smile.  Let them know you enjoy what you do and can’t wait to deliver their goods or provide a unique idea. It’s simple, sales and customer service begins and ends with a smile.

It seems that we are all stressed to the max.  I not only see it everywhere I go but can hear it through the voices over the telephone and the words I read in emails.  Think about your day and who you have encountered today – from the bank teller to check out person at the store, from the guy at the drive up window where you got breakfast to the person on the phone when you called to make reservations, etc. Were you greeted with smiles? If you are like me, probably not. When you approach a counter in a business and the person serving you or checking you out doesn’t look at you or smile, how do you feel about giving the business your money? I bet not so well. “Do not let the world change your smile…….let your smile change the world!” (author unknown)

It leaves me wondering, what happened to all of the smiles? We need to be able to separate our personal life and business life, remembering not to take our personal issues to work. Also, we need to be able to separate business issues from each other – if you just got off the phone with a problem order and the phone rings, leave the problem on the desk and don’t carry it with you on the next call. This reminds me of my time as a restaurant owner, if I had a table with a problem, it’s not the fault of the table next to them. I needed to greet and help them with a smile and don’t let others turn my smile upside down.

How do you establish rapport in an instant? One obvious but sometimes overlooked tip: offer up a smile. A smile is one of the most basic and universal indicators of openness, friendliness, relaxation, and likeability. Smiles are contagious – customers and your business thrive on it.

How can you tell whether or not you’re maximizing your smile factor? Consider the following questions:

  1. Do you smile while you’re talking about what you do?
  2. Do you smile even when you’re on a phone call and the other person can’t see you?
  3. Are you smiling in your professional headshot or profile photos on social networks?
  4. Do you know how many times you’ve smiled so far today?

For a smile to be effective, sincerity counts. If a smile is clearly forced or false, it will do more damage than good. Did you know it takes 43 muscles to frown, but only 17 to smile?

Remember – Smile and Dial

Smiles over the phone might be unseen, but they are most definitely heard. Since 84% of the message over a phone is your tone of voice, making sure that “smiling tone” comes through is imperative. I was given a mirror once for my desk, told to look at myself and SMILE when on the phone. It works. Have you tried it? Remember, everyone smiles in the same language.

Don’t forget – Digital Smiles

Smiles, aka Emoji’s, are taking on the world. Not only do we love to see smiles in person but we also love to receive digital smiles.

We all like to receive emails or texts with a smiling emoji or an email with a smiley face. I have to admit it always makes me smile to see it and brightens my mood. The same goes with social media, we “like” or use one of the emoji reactions on our friends postings. Emoji’s help people communicate their emotions, they bring a fun element to texting and social media to help people share their feelings.

Conclusion – Promote Smiles

A picture is worth a thousand words. A smile is worth a thousand bucks.

The retail market is full of emoji’s and smiley face items and we continue to see more and more products available in our industry to promote this growing trend. Make a cool brand statement during your next promotion campaign with a fun smile campaign.

Turn smiles into success and contact us today to help you plan a fun promotion or campaign today!

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Promotional Products = Powerful Influence

April 24, 2017


This week we are celebrating Promotional Products Work! Week (April 24-28, 2017) and helping to spread the word that promotional products are not only one of the oldest forms of branding and advertising, but are highly effective means of advertising. They are the “Advertising that Lives On” which leave a long-lasting impression about your brand and your message. Your message lives on because the products are useful, informative, attractive and they engage. They are the only tangible medium that is perfect for any business to give people to remember your brand time after time.

Promotional products are the one advertising medium that your audience will find useful. They use a pen, look at a calendar regularly, wear t-shirts. They do all of this while staring at and sharing your logo and message.

A study published by the Promotional Products Association International concluded these facts about promotional products:

Staying Power – 81% of people keep promotional products for more than one year.


Impact – Promotional products have the highest recall of any other medium. Nine in 10 people recall the branding. Eight in 10 people recall the message. Seven in 10 recall the call to action.


Influence Buying Decisions – Promotional products do more than leave an impression; they move people to action. 85% of respondents had done business with the advertiser after receiving a promotional item.

Useful – People always appreciate items that are useful and our survey shows that 8 in 10 consumers own a promotional product and 58% keep their items for a year or more.

Memorable – According to the study, 88% of people were able to recall the advertiser and 62% recalled the message on a promotional item that they owned. This lasting impression makes them effective without being directly in front of their audience.


Feel Good – Of respondents, 82% had a more favorable opinion of the brand after receiving a promotional item. This makes sense when you think about how you feel when someone gives you a gift. This ability to create a positive impression is important as business grows even more dependent on relationships.


So there you have it. Promotional products work and, when integrated in a consumers’ life, they can increase the reach of your message leaving lasting impressions about your message and brand.

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Owning our Own “Oscar Oops’s”

March 23, 2017

The Oscars 1280x720The Oscars mix-up has been the hot chatter for a couple of weeks now. As I think about this and the error that was made,  I believe there are several lessons that we can walk away with.

If you are in doubt – ASK.

You could see Warren Beatty clearly questioning the envelope. He hesitated but didn’t voice his concern. He looked to Faye Dunaway for confirmation of his suspicion that something wasn’t right, but since he did not articulate his reluctance, she didn’t question anything and mis-read the incorrect card, overlooking the problem he saw but didn’t ask about.

The lesson here is when in doubt, ASK. There are a lot of moving parts in our job. People are often afraid to ask question for fear that they don’t sound intelligent enough. I think the opposite is true. By asking a question on something you are unsure of goes to show you care enough to make sure every aspect is correct. That shows you are concerned about the details.

One of my favorite quotes is “The only stupid question is the question that is never asked.” I bet Warren Beatty wishes he would have asked.

If you make an error – OWN IT.                 Bankers PromoTips 3 points

Don’t pass the buck, don’t deny or try to cover, just own up that you made the mistake. You will gain a lot more respect by your honesty. Explain the situation and do your best to fix it.

The cast and crew of La La Land were already well into their acceptance speeches for Best Picture when it was realized a mistake had been made and that the award was meant for Moonlight. At that point they graciously handed over their awards to the correct winners. While everyone was still struggling to find out what happened, the show went on. The blame first landed on presenters Warren and Faye. Warren explained what happened and Jimmy Kimmell added some humor to try and make a sensitive, unfortunate situation more comfortable. We all know that in the end it was the accounting firm that was responsible – they simply handed Warren the wrong card. They didn’t deny it, they owned it, apologized, and are looking at solutions to ensure the mistake doesn’t happen again. They thanked everyone for their grace in handling the situation.

Since I love quotes – here is another favorite quote – “Mistakes are forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.” – Bruce Lee

If you make a mistake – LEARN FROM IT.

What you learn from a mistake has the power to turn you into something better than you were before. The more experienced you are the more mistakes you have made. And when mistakes do happen, it’s how we respond and handle the situation that really matters most.                    Bankers PromoTips Quote

How we correct a mistake defines us. Sometimes the mistakes we make are the best opportunities to expand our relationships. How do you turn lemons into lemonade? Our attitude and responsiveness are the most important factors to developing the best resolution. And although often painful and even embarrassing, we are better in the end for them.

In summary – “When you make a mistake, there are only three things you should ever do about it; admit it, learn from it, and don’t repeat it.” Paul “Bear” Bryant

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Every Day Can Be Employee Appreciation Day

February 28, 2017

March 3rd is National Employee Appreciation Day. This newer holiday is important since research shows that recognition is the single most influential cause of great work across all generations of U.S. workers. It is also the number one reason employees stay with an organization. Here are the thank you graphicnumbers:

  • Appreciation is the number one thing (37%) people say causes them to do great work.
  • Lack of appreciation is the number one reason people leave jobs (78%).

Source: O.C. Tanner Institute

How does your company recognize employees? A high quality, useful branded promotional item like an insulated tumbler, Bluetooth® headphones, umbrella, power bank, apparel piece, houseware item, journal set, etc. are all great ways to show an employee that his or her hard work is appreciated.

We know that many managers and organizations will find themselves in a panic when they have realized the day has arrived and they have totally forgotten about it.

Any day can be employee appreciation day. It doesn’t have to be the official holiday. Also, consider other award and anniversary programs to celebrate your employees’ dedication.

Source: PCNA Blog

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Happy Birthday BIC® Clic Stic

February 21, 2017

Happy Birthday BIC® Clic Stic pen! The BIC Clic Stic® is celebrating the big 3-0!sm_clicstic30th

Join us in celebrating this timeless classic!

This iconic pen has been the most popular retractable in the promotional products industry for 30 years, and continues to be an industry favorite! This pen remains the top selling pen for Bankers
year after year. With over 600 color combinations, you can’t go wrong with this pen. The #CS is assembled in the USA so they are always in stock.

We currently have the #CS on special at $.57 with 300 minimum through April 30th. You can also receive a FREE 2-Color Imprint! Must reference promo code 609. Join the party and celebrate with a great pen at the “write” price.

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Longhand vs. Laptop

February 10, 2017

Which is more effective – taking notes by hand or typing?21161088

According to some new research, good old pen and paper might be the way to go. In a study published in Psychological Science, Pam A. Mueller of Princeton University and Daniel M. Oppenheimer of the University of California, Los Angeles set out to see which is more effective – taking notes by hand or typing on a laptop. They conducted a series of tests comparing the two note taking methods and, interestingly, their study points to pen and paper as the better choice for information processing and retention.

Here are the key reasons Mueller and Oppenheimer give for why writing by hand seems to be more effective:

  • People taking notes longhand typically cannot write as fast as they type and therefore need to be more selective about what they write down. This extra level of processing helped the study participants learn and retain more.
  • Laptop note takers tend to type everything they hear. The more words that study participants copied verbatim, the worse they performed on recall tests.
  • Laptops and tablets are distracting – it is easy to click over to Facebook or check your email.

Stationery and journals continue to be extremely popular and very effective tools for promoting brands.

Bankers Advertising Company offers a wide array of journals with many opportunities to customize. Set yourself apart by letting us help you create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece for your brand.

*Resource: PCNA Blog

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Show your Emoji

February 7, 2017

Emoji’s are all the rage. They are a universal way for people around the world to communicate. Emojis, or digital picture characters, are being used 77% more by marketers, nearly eight times as much as they were from the start of 2015. It should not come as a surprise that this number is on the rise as published reports found that 92% of Internet users use Emojis in some capacity. Breaking it down even further, 78% of women and 60% of men use Emojis several times per week.23484729

For marketers, these digital images transcend channels and borders and they enable you effectively communicate globally, online and offline, in a concise and visually compelling manner. Emojis help people communicate their emotions, they bring a fun element to texting and help people share feelings. Now we are seeing brand marketers take advantage of the benefits these icons offer.

In the past year, the use of Emojis has entered the mainstream. Brands are incorporating them into email subject lines, social media posts, videos, and even press releases. Pepsi used the Pepsimoji for their “the language of now – say it with a Pepsi” campaign. The Pepsimoji was on over 1 billion bottles and cans, in 600 proprietary designs. Chevy used an Emoji in the launch of the 2016 Cruze. Taco Bell has an Emoji to promote their brand. You can order a pizza from Domino’s by sending them a pizza Emoji. Bud Light used Emojis to craft a 4th of July tweet in 2014 that earned 147 thousand retweets and 110,000 favorites.

The retail market is full of these Emojis, and now you can promote your business or organization with a fun and trendy Emoji.

Check out these fun Emoji products!

#DRES01 Magnetic Personality Mood Magnets.

Show a whole range of fun emotions with #EMJ Small Round Acrylic Container with Chocolate Button Emojis.

How about a Selfie Kit Emojis…? It’s a kit that includes six 5” Emoji circle fans (joy, kissing heart, sob, heart, thumbs up and tongue), perfect for selfies, a party with a photo booth or just fun logo branding.

Check out these Emotipens… a curvy plastic barrel ballpoint pen with their exclusive stock art grip featuring Emoticon faces.

Make make a trendy brand statement during their next promotional campaign with an Emoji!

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