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Promotional Products Pack Punch in Tough Times

February 9, 2009

It sounds hard to believe, but a recession is the BEST time to purchase promotional products, and to keep your name in front of their clients and potential new clients as well. The last thing you want to do is appear to be fading away along with your competitors who are cutting promos out of their budget. Promotional products are not only inexpensive, but they’ll make you stand out, and remain in the forefront of your client’s mind, plus they’re one of the most powerful advertising mediums out there! Here’s why: It’s targeted. Promotional products provide the only type of advertising that can target a specific group of people – with television, print and radio ads, you have no control over who (if anybody) might be watching or listening during the 30 seconds your ad plays. However, you can control who receives a calendar, notepad or hat. Plus, you make a personal connection with your customer when you personally hand them the advertising piece. There’s better recall: 76% of people remember who gave them a promotional product, versus 53% who could remember a TV ad, or 27% who could remember an online ad. A promotional item is personal, and is the only advertising that engages all five senses, plus a sixth sense – the heart. It’s long lasting: 73% of people used an item they were given at least once a week, and 55% of people said they kept a promotional product for more than a year. A print ad gets thrown away, but not a promotional product. It stays on the desk, in the purse or wallet, or in the kitchen for a long time. It enhances your company’s image: 76% of people say they have a better impression of advertisers who use promotional products. Who doesn’t like to receive a gift and be thanked for their patronage? A successful marketing program does not have to be elaborate, it can be very simple. The cost per impression on a promotional product is often less than a penny per day. Companies cutting their marketing and promotional dollars will only end up losing valuable face time with their clients. Stay a step ahead of your competitors. Don’t fall short by cutting your promotions. Instead, leverage promotional products now more than ever. They are sure to get you the MOST out of your advertising dollars.

Written by Bob Kral, Senior Vice President, Marketing

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