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2013 Trends

March 14, 2013

The newest trends in promotional item distribution happen to coincide quite closely with the newest trends in business and society. The most  significant new trends that have emerged are the growth and emergence of different types of technology, general efficiency, maximized utility, and green friendliness. Promotional USB drives, portable screwdriver kits, and water bottles made of recycled materials are examples of these trends.
Hi-Tech Accessories – nearly one in three people in the U.S. own a smartphone and one in ten own a tablet computer. Of course, all of those folks love to accessorize their devices. Custom cases, portfolios, styluses, stands for tablets, car mounts, desk stands, chargers, speakers, headphones, screen cleaners and wipes are all popular advertising media.

Bright, Vibrant, Full Color Logos – Life comes in full color so why shouldn’t your promotional products? Full color logos used to be limited to certain promotional products or worse, had to be built up from a series of expensive spot colors. Luckily, change is in the air! For 2013, many of our vendors offered full color printing on a wide range of products, including logoed bags, imprinted drinkware, promotional apparel and more. And they’re coming at a cost savings to you.

Certification – What do you do to protect your brand? It’s a question that more and more organizations are considering. We’re proud to be at the forefront of a growing trend in the industry by offering select promotional products that are endorsed in the follow areas: Quality Assurance, Supply Chain Security, Environmental Stewardship, Product Safety and Social Compliance.

These new trends and themes can be applied to almost any company and any business. You just need to help your clients find a way to integrate these promotional items into their general marketing strategy. If your clients have any sort of online businesses, services, or products – any technology based promotional product would be well suited.

For example, many top universities distribute logoed USB drives to help spread their brand to prospective Trends for 2013 students. If their business thrives on making life easier or more efficient for their clients or if their business clients could use a product that has multiple or versatile uses, items that fit the efficiency model are effective promotional products for them. Finally, if their company participates in any green initiatives, they can prove this by distributing environmentally friendly  promotional products.

Apparel suppliers are preparing to introduce their newest products inspired by seasonal changes and flattering fits.  Fashion trends for 2013 include a variety of bright colors like compass gold, true royal, ink blue, oak moss and purple orchid. There is still a  strong demand for polo shirts but the requests have shifted from cotton to moisture-wicking fabrics and from traditional polos to “fishing  shirts” or polos with single pockets on the chest and versatile designs like athletic wear that can be worn to the office. It’s also been noticed that  when a client orders shirts, they want the men’s and ladies’ shirts to match in style and color.

Stay up to date with promotional product  industry trends. From colorfully printed products to eco-friendly offers, the promotional items you promote can make a big impact on your  customers.

2013 T-Shirt Trends
Here is what is popular with t-shirt for 2013:
Fitted Cuts – Bulky is out
Blends – Cotton / poly and cotton / rayon are in
Fabric Treatments – Wicking , anti–microbial and more
Colors – Neon’s and heathers are hot
Decoration – Not just screen print and full front – a variety of decorations are now offered.
Education Market – Student groups & campus organizations are big t-shirt users
Sports – Teams and organization us t-shirts as their top fundraising item
Uniforms – T-shirts make an inexpensive uniform for many types of clients (restaurants, lawn service, construction companies and more)

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