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October 11, 2013

by Bob Kral, Vice President of Marketing, Bankers Advertising

In today’s market there are several things we need to do to maintain and grow our business. Keeping “Top of Mind” position with our clients (we want them to know who to call when they are ready to order) and creating a position of value are two critical areas that will affect our sales success. To help you add value, your Bankers Staff is excited to introduce a New Sales Tool “Bankers Award & Recognition Handbook” to the Bankers sales force.
Recognizing and Awarding employees is one of the most important things any business can do. Studies have shown that companies that offer recognition programs out perform their competition, increase employee loyalty and are more highly thought of in the community. Recognition and Awards are not just for businesses. Many Non-Profits, Schools, Civic Groups, Clubs, and Fraternal organizations are large users of awards and recognition items.
Your customers (nearly everyone you work with has some kind of recognition or award program) use awards for such things as: Sales Achievement, Retirement, Promotions, Years of Service, Dealer and Customer Recognition and more.
Schools, Civic Groups and others use recognition to: Recognize Membership, Award Donors, Show Support, Thank Sponsors, Commemorate Special Events and more. There are lots of opportunities to add extra sales to your total by letting any customer know you are their Award and Recognition source. The Handbook  offers you many pieces of information to share with any client. In fact we suggest that you leave a copy with your best prospects as you are making your rounds for fall sales. (Most awards are determined at the end of the calendar year, so leaving a copy now will help you get a top of mind with the client as someone they can turn to when they are ready to order).
Here is a quick review of what is included in your Bankers Award and Recognition Handbook:
• Pages two and three outline the advantages of A&R for the client and recipient.
• Page four outlines benefits gained from an A&R program.
• Page five lists the most popular types of awards.
• Pages six and seven identify Top Markets for Award sales and the area of a business to contact for the different awards.
• Page eight is a quick reference for the different types of awards and benefits each offers.
• Page nine is a key to your success. The Worksheet helps collect all the information you need to help your client select the perfect award and other promotional items that are needed to make their program successful.
• Pages ten and eleven include examples of different award types and layouts.
• Pages twelve and thirteen share success stories about A&R programs that are currently being sold by your Bankers Sales Force Peers. (This core group and others are your experts and are willing to discuss any concerns you might have.)
• Pages fourteen and fifteen include a Glossary of Terms that will be helpful to you when talking to your client about the different types of awards and techniques used in the manufacture of A&R products.
If you only share one thing with your client it should be the statement on the back cover. In a very few words this conveys the importance and benefits of a program that recognizes achievement. You are in the driver’s seat. Only ONE in TEN of your competition is showing or selling awards. Award sales are not price sensitive and you can sell without the threat of online competition, you‘ll earn higher commission levels, and A&R orders repeat every year.

REMEMBER – Your customers are already buying awards. WHY aren’t they Buying Them from YOU???

Good Selling!

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