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Drinkware Trends

April 14, 2015

Drinkware trends evolve with lifestyle trends. It’s all about functional style – making hydration a part of your daily routine while keeping it interesting and relevant. Drinkware is also carried as a badge of honor. A really sporty looking bottle shows your athletic side, while a particular brand on a tumbler shows your personal affiliation or interest. So give your customers drinkware they can carry with pride.

We have identified 3 key drinkware trends to keep your eye on:

Cool Gear Shaker Bottle (#46041)

Cool Gear Shaker Bottle (#46041)

Mix it Up – protein shakes and smoothies are all the rage as fitness trends continue to promote meal replacement drinks and post workout hydration supplements. Cool Gear Shaker Bottle (#46041) – protein shakes continue to grow within the fitness industry. This bottle has a mixing ball that ensures your protein powder is well blended.

On the Double – double opening lids – wide mouth for filling AND smaller opening for drinking. Neon Juniper Bottle (#46047) – double opening twist lids – one for cleaning or adding ice, one tethered twist on cap for drinking.

Two for One – A single tumbler that works for hot and cold beverages – keep things simple! Color Splash Tumbler (#45909) – Double-wall insulation intended for hot or cold beverage use

Remember these trends as you’re planning Spring and Summer events to promote your business or encourage employees.

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