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Fun promos for Fido

March 18, 2016

Looking for a doggone good promotion?

Did you know that twenty percent of Americans would rather spend time with their furry friends45730_Z than with their human counterparts?  Did you know that the American Pet Products Association estimates Americans spent over $60 billion on their pets last year, aided by a population that treats its pets like, or in some cases, better than family?  Pet Industry sales have been in an uptrend for the last two decades and American Pet Products Association expects these gains to continue.

Pets are not just an accessory anymore.  They are a very important part of the family.

According to the statistics:

  • Pet spending in 2015 topped $60 billion, a record amount. In comparison, Americans spent $24 billion on food last year.
  • Over 66% of American households include at least one pet.
  • 78 million dogs live in American households.
  • 95.6 million cats are owned in the United States
  • There are over 13,000 community animal shelters in the United States.

What better way to keep your brand or message in front of a pet owner on a daily basis than giving a useful pet product?

Pet owners are a special, niche audience because they typically adore anything printed with their favorite animal or designed with their pet in mind. No need to “paws” for thought on this one as we have a lot of items to show off your brand with these “top dog” ideas.

There are a wide variety of promotional pet products to choose from. We offer imprinted collar and leashes, dog bowls, dog bag dispensers, ID tags, bandanas and sweaters, tennis balls, litter scoops, safety tags, dog treats, food scoops, etc.

Fetch a great promotion today! Search “pets” here. Or, check out our Spring Guide for special offers on fun pet stuff.

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March is Umbrella Month

March 11, 2016

Did you know the first umbrella appeared over 4,000 years ago in Egypt where umbrellas symbolized religious power?  They were originally created as a device to protect against the sun. In fact, the word “umbrella” is derived from the Latin word umbra meaning shade. Umbrellas have come a long way since those days.vint+umbs

Umbrellas are wonderful devices, they shelter us from the sun, protect us from the rain and are useful in a variety of situations. Just take a look at what an umbrella did for Mary Poppins. While we can’t promise umbrellas will make you fly, we can ensure you that they make your brand soar.

Hold On To Them

Did you know that 81% of promotional items are kept because they are useful?

That’s reason number for you to give logoed umbrellas as your next giveaway. When is the last time you bought an umbrella? Most people haven’t. Folks don’t throw umbrellas away, they hold on to them for a long time. This provides a lot of impressions.

Promotional umbrellas are kept at the office, in the car and even at home so the brand exposure alone speaks for itself.  The average household owns an average of 3.8 umbrellas. There’s nothing worse than being caught in the rain or the sun without protection, so give your clients and employees what they need – umbrellas imprinted with your logo.

Great For Advertising

Did you know one of the longest lasting logos originated with the umbrella was Morton Salt. Companies wanting to make big, bold statements often make umbrellas the product of choice because of the large imprint area. They are also one of the best items to integrate corporate colors and branding. Umbrellas are a great billboard for others to see as it is being used creating additional exposure and stronger brand recall. These gifts are used by everybody so they are great for any occasion.

Why Buy Umbrellas?

  • They have a high perceived retail value and thus make a wonderful gift.
  • They are great for every occasion, are unisex and one size fits all.
  • Everyone needs and wants an extra or new umbrella.
  • They convey caring about health and safety to the recipient.
  • They offer large, visible imprint area to showcase your brand.

March is National Umbrella Month.  It’s time for Spring showers and so keep your customers prepared by handing out one of the most appreciated gifts….umbrellas.

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Spring Promos Ideas!

March 4, 2016

We had some nice temperatures lately with more warm temps in the forecast ahead. This has us all ready to for spring outdoor activities. We want to help you make sure your brand blossoms with printed springtime promotional products.

We have picked you a bouquet of items to promote your brand and end those winter blues. Warm weather inspires people to leave their houses and get out and enjoy the outdoors again.22720592

Stay Visible

For those outdoor walkers, runners and bikers – we have this Safety Light Shoe Clip that will help keep you visible. It clips to the heel of your shoes and features three different light settings.


Soon here in the Midwest people will be hitting the golf courses. Keep your brand on par with these favorite tee time items.

Golf Towel – This 15” x 18” polyester blend towel is great brand ambassador with a large imprint21085070 area.

Sure Grip Golf Kit – You can tee off on your marketing campaign with this golf kit. A great gift for any avid golfer.

Spring Cleaning

In the spring, we are always in line to get our car washed. Why not give your customers this exciting Frizzy Car Wash Mitt and add fun to any car washing experience.

Splish Splash

We all know April showers bring May flowers. We have items to help you stay dry from umbrellas to rain coats and ponchos. Your customers and employees will appreciate these stay dry items showcasing your 21171222brand.

You’ll be singing in the rain and praising this Mid-Size Golf Umbrella. This 54” vented canopy arc has coverage for two, features automatic opening and is lightning resistant.

“Measure” up with this sought after rain gauge.  Whether there is a cloudburst or a light sprinkle, you will be able to measure the amount of precipitation with this handy rain cone.

While people switch out their wardrobes and start spending 2016-03-04_105535more time outside, you can make sure that they see your brand everywhere by imprinting it on any one of these great spring promos. Get prepared with these fun springtime promotional products!

Need more? Check out more fresh ideas in our Spring Specials Brochure.

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