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Does your brand travel well?

June 24, 2016

With peak vacation season upon us, we thought it would be fun to share some more statistics and ideas for your next road trip.

Did you know?

  • 870,526,000 – Estimated Road Trips Americans took in 201520800207
  • There are 58 National Parks in the U.S.
    • The 5 most popular National Parks are:
      • Great Smoky Mountains – North Carolina & Tennessee
      • Grand Canyon – Arizona
      • Yosemite – California
      • Yellowstone – Idaho, Montana and Wyoming
      • Rocky Mountains- Colorado
    • 5 hours is the average amount of time travelers can go without needing a pit stop
    • Winding from Chicago to California, Route 66 features almost every landscape America has to offer.
    • Interstate Numbers
      • Two-digit interstates (I-90) are often the most direct routes through cities
      • Three-digit interstates (I-787) circle urban areas
      • Odd-numbered highways run north-south
      • Even-numbered roads run east-west
    • S. Route 20 is America’s longest road, stretching from Boston, MA to Newport, OR – that’s 3,365 miles of transcontinental exploration!

Before your clients set off on their next adventure, it’s recommended that they stock their trunk with these on-the-road essentials. These are awesome promotional ideas to give your clients and keep your brand traveling the country.

Blanket – Stay safe and cozy if you unexpectedly have to face the elements.

First Aid Kit – peace of mind that you’re prepared for anything

Sunscreen – even if it’s a cloudy day, the sun’s rays can still damage your skin.

Flashlight– always handy in an emergency and can be used to signal for help. Good bright light flashlight is recommended.

Rest Stop Fun – pack a Frisbee to break out at rest stops, hotel courtyards or parks. A great leg-stretcher for people and pets alike!

Wet Wipes – spills happen. So do sticky fingers. Keep clean and combat both with ease.

Smart Snacks – keep your gang going strong with water and snacks. Remember to include pets.

Breakdown Supplies – be prepared in an emergency with the needed tools. Auto safety kit is a must for the trunk.

Umbrella and Rain Coat – nothing like getting caught in the rain when alongside of the road or when site seeing.

Our expert consultants can help you put together a great road trip kit for your customers! For more ideas, browse here.

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The Value of Retail Brands in Promo Products

June 16, 2016

More and more, Retail Brands are popping up around the promotional product industry – going beyond the luggage and watch brands from the incentives segment. Why? Several reasons…but mostly it’s the perception of…camelbak-logo camelbak-logocamelbak-logo

The perception of superior quality. If it’s been sold to the mass consumer market, it’s been more thoroughly vetted right? Consumer product safety testing and the manufacturer’s reputation ensure that 2000px-Logo_NIKE.svgthe item is safe and end-users need have no fear of recalls, product failure, etc. Tech accessories such as powerbanks are a good example of an item that end users want safety testing assurance for and the idea that the product is backed by a well-known brand provides that certainty.

The perception of being “in”. Because it is found in retail, people assume that the product is in style, with the latest color, design, functionality. Bags, luggage and totes are often considered a fashion accessory. Certain brands also have a cool factor. You just feel cool being associated with them. Nike is the perfect example – whether you’re an athlete or not, Nike is an aspirational brand with a broad appeal.

The perception of higher value. Branded products have a higher perceived value, are more expensive and therefore often a more impressive gift. Recognizable brands, particularly high profile ones with major media investments and endorsements, are especially highly prized items. The branded golf category is a perfect example of this phenomenon.

Consider incorporating retail brands in your next promotional marketing campaign. For certain audiences and industries, it can be the ideal way to set your message apart. Brand recognition can be a valuable tool in building loyalty through promotional products.

Blog compliments of BIC Graphic USA.

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June is National Safety Month

June 13, 2016


The National Safety Council works across the country to raise awareness of what it takes to stay safe.  Observed wlt-sl08annually in June, National Safety Month focuses on reducing leading causes of injury at work, on the road and in our homes.

Promoting workplace safety is a year-round event, but an extra emphasis is shown in June. An effective workplace safety program is proven to reduce work accidents, absenteeism and costs. During June companies will have giveaways, awareness events, lunches, picnics, meetings, incentives and safety awards to promote safety on the job.

Promotional products are the ideal way to communicate your safety message as a program kick-off gift, to create awareness, and to motivate or reward employees. Safety products are valuable, useful and appreciated, ensuring they will be kept and used by the recipients.

Popular products for safety programs include flashlights, tumblers, first aid kits, auto safety kits, coolers, duffel bags, backpacks, apparel, Bluetooth® Speakers, umbrellas, multi tools, folding chairs, car chargers and power banks.

In addition to workplace safety, it’s also beneficial for advertisers to add a caring touch by promoting safety in the home, school, office, auto, boat, bicycle, sun, and emergency preparedness. These advertisers commonly hand out key tags/lights, hand sanitizers, bandage dispensers, first aid kits, sunscreen, flashlights, calendars, auto safety kits, power banks and reflective products.

Contact us or browse more safety ideas here!

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Be True to our Red, White and Blue

June 8, 2016

It’s the time of year that we are all feeling very patriotic. We proudly celebrate MemoriaUSAl Day, Flag Day and Independence Day, showing our pride to be an American. We are excited to attend parades, barbecue with family and friends, honoring our veterans and to show our spirit. We will Celebrate, Honor and Remember.

Choosing to purchase American made promotional products is a choice driven by value. Imported products are generally less expensive than USA Made items; however, 61% of Americans say they are more likely to purchase something when it’s made in the USA. They are beginning to see the value in spending a little extra for American made products.

The spotlight on American made isn’t just for the patriotic holidays. Election years always bring the attention to the importance of products Made in the USA.  Now and always, it should remain important.

Show your support this year and choose to buy USA made promotional products.


When you see products labeled Made in the USA, you know that those products are regulated by our government under strict standards. This is one of the biggest advantages, American suppliers have a good reputation for safe promotional items. Buying American made means customers support good working conditions, care about a better environment and want to distribute safe products.


American manufacturers will most likely have inventory on hand and, if not, they will be able to turn it around quicker. The value is found in knowing that what you want is available and will be there when you need it.


Buying USA made means supporting American workers, including friends and family. It can keep and create jobs plus it shows their support for the local and national economy. Using American made promotional products recycles dollars. In other words, when we use American dollars to buy American promotional products, those dollars stay in the American economy. They benefit the U.S. workers who made the items and also allow our tax dollars to support local businesses so they can thrive.


It feels good to buy something made in America. It builds American pride and supports democracy. Using American made promotional products aligns your organization with changing attitudes and shows support for the home team. It displays to your recipients that you care about our country and creates a positive image for the customer’s brand.

More value doesn’t equal cheaper. Value is understanding why it’s worth the price. American made promotional products may still cost more but, as the saying goes, you are getting what you pay for.

Now is the time to showcase and promote your brand with USA Made promotional product. Search here. 

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June is Great Outdoors Month

June 2, 2016

Double Decker Cooler Tote

The sun is shining and the outside offers a plethora of activities.  From sporting events to road trips, make sure you have the perfect products to reinforce your brand this summer!

Check out these staggering Great Outdoors numbers…

  • 141 million people will participate in an outdoor event this year
  • 50 million people will tailgate this year
  • 490 million rounds of golf are played every year
  • The beach is rated the top destination for vacationers
  • Over 42.5 million people will camp or hike this year
  • 13.9 million people will participate in a road race
  • An average of 365,000 house are sold each month
  • Most drivers will break down at least 20 times

Popular outdoor product ideas are coolers, picnic and BBQ items, chairs, blankets, seat cushions, golf items, towels, summer fun (Frisbees, beach balls), sunglasses and skin care items (sunscreen, bug repellent), beach gear, sport related, binoculars, compasses, umbrellas and rain gear, fishing, hunting and camping, fans, garden accessories, lanterns and flashlights, outdoor kits. Don’t forget signage and apparel!

Take advantage of the many opportunities to promote your brand this summer. Get ideas here, or call your Bankers Advertising Consultant today.

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