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Every Day Can Be Employee Appreciation Day

February 28, 2017

March 3rd is National Employee Appreciation Day. This newer holiday is important since research shows that recognition is the single most influential cause of great work across all generations of U.S. workers. It is also the number one reason employees stay with an organization. Here are the thank you graphicnumbers:

  • Appreciation is the number one thing (37%) people say causes them to do great work.
  • Lack of appreciation is the number one reason people leave jobs (78%).

Source: O.C. Tanner Institute

How does your company recognize employees? A high quality, useful branded promotional item like an insulated tumbler, Bluetooth® headphones, umbrella, power bank, apparel piece, houseware item, journal set, etc. are all great ways to show an employee that his or her hard work is appreciated.

We know that many managers and organizations will find themselves in a panic when they have realized the day has arrived and they have totally forgotten about it.

Any day can be employee appreciation day. It doesn’t have to be the official holiday. Also, consider other award and anniversary programs to celebrate your employees’ dedication.

Source: PCNA Blog

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Happy Birthday BIC® Clic Stic

February 21, 2017

Happy Birthday BIC® Clic Stic pen! The BIC Clic Stic® is celebrating the big 3-0!sm_clicstic30th

Join us in celebrating this timeless classic!

This iconic pen has been the most popular retractable in the promotional products industry for 30 years, and continues to be an industry favorite! This pen remains the top selling pen for Bankers
year after year. With over 600 color combinations, you can’t go wrong with this pen. The #CS is assembled in the USA so they are always in stock.

We currently have the #CS on special at $.57 with 300 minimum through April 30th. You can also receive a FREE 2-Color Imprint! Must reference promo code 609. Join the party and celebrate with a great pen at the “write” price.

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Longhand vs. Laptop

February 10, 2017

Which is more effective – taking notes by hand or typing?21161088

According to some new research, good old pen and paper might be the way to go. In a study published in Psychological Science, Pam A. Mueller of Princeton University and Daniel M. Oppenheimer of the University of California, Los Angeles set out to see which is more effective – taking notes by hand or typing on a laptop. They conducted a series of tests comparing the two note taking methods and, interestingly, their study points to pen and paper as the better choice for information processing and retention.

Here are the key reasons Mueller and Oppenheimer give for why writing by hand seems to be more effective:

  • People taking notes longhand typically cannot write as fast as they type and therefore need to be more selective about what they write down. This extra level of processing helped the study participants learn and retain more.
  • Laptop note takers tend to type everything they hear. The more words that study participants copied verbatim, the worse they performed on recall tests.
  • Laptops and tablets are distracting – it is easy to click over to Facebook or check your email.

Stationery and journals continue to be extremely popular and very effective tools for promoting brands.

Bankers Advertising Company offers a wide array of journals with many opportunities to customize. Set yourself apart by letting us help you create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece for your brand.

*Resource: PCNA Blog

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Show your Emoji

February 7, 2017

Emoji’s are all the rage. They are a universal way for people around the world to communicate. Emojis, or digital picture characters, are being used 77% more by marketers, nearly eight times as much as they were from the start of 2015. It should not come as a surprise that this number is on the rise as published reports found that 92% of Internet users use Emojis in some capacity. Breaking it down even further, 78% of women and 60% of men use Emojis several times per week.23484729

For marketers, these digital images transcend channels and borders and they enable you effectively communicate globally, online and offline, in a concise and visually compelling manner. Emojis help people communicate their emotions, they bring a fun element to texting and help people share feelings. Now we are seeing brand marketers take advantage of the benefits these icons offer.

In the past year, the use of Emojis has entered the mainstream. Brands are incorporating them into email subject lines, social media posts, videos, and even press releases. Pepsi used the Pepsimoji for their “the language of now – say it with a Pepsi” campaign. The Pepsimoji was on over 1 billion bottles and cans, in 600 proprietary designs. Chevy used an Emoji in the launch of the 2016 Cruze. Taco Bell has an Emoji to promote their brand. You can order a pizza from Domino’s by sending them a pizza Emoji. Bud Light used Emojis to craft a 4th of July tweet in 2014 that earned 147 thousand retweets and 110,000 favorites.

The retail market is full of these Emojis, and now you can promote your business or organization with a fun and trendy Emoji.

Check out these fun Emoji products!

#DRES01 Magnetic Personality Mood Magnets.

Show a whole range of fun emotions with #EMJ Small Round Acrylic Container with Chocolate Button Emojis.

How about a Selfie Kit Emojis…? It’s a kit that includes six 5” Emoji circle fans (joy, kissing heart, sob, heart, thumbs up and tongue), perfect for selfies, a party with a photo booth or just fun logo branding.

Check out these Emotipens… a curvy plastic barrel ballpoint pen with their exclusive stock art grip featuring Emoticon faces.

Make make a trendy brand statement during their next promotional campaign with an Emoji!

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