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How to select the right ball for your next golf event

July 26, 2017

There are over 30 million golfers in the United States and Americans spend over $5 billion a year in golf equipment – golf balls being a major part of this. Are you planning a golf event this summer or fall? We can help you select the right golf ball for your event.

There are three levels of performance:

  • Recreational Golfer
  • Aspiring Professional
  • Tour Performance

It’s all about the construction and layers of the ball. A ball can have 2-5 five layers. Each layer provides more flexibility and control of the ball, and experienced golfers take advantage of these attributes in every swing.

The core is the most inner component and usually made of rubber. It is considered the “engine” of the ball and gives you the distance.

The mantle is the next layer. It is made of either rubber or a strong, resilient plastic. The mantle provides the “feel” of the ball – whether it feels soft or hard coming off the face of the club.

The third layer is the cover, again made of some sort of rubber or elastic plastic and dictates the “control” of the ball. The more layers you have, the more flexibility and control the ball offers. Control basically means spin, resilience and durability on the course.

Ever wonder about the dimples? The dimples typically come in two shapes, either circular or hexagonal and they are what reduces drag, produces lift, increases distance and stability. Some manufacturers differentiate themselves with the pattern of their dimples.

Finally, every ball comes with a clear, slick coating that protects the ball’s surface from degradation from sun, impact, fertilizer, etc. As your golf skills increase, you take more advantage of those attributes as you play through a round.

Each construction type provides a different launch off the club – changing the angle, spin rate, ball velocity and overall aerodynamics. Again, this is all more important to experienced golfers who tend to find a ball they like and stick to it loyally – though for special events, are happy to try out a new ball of an equal or similar sophistication.

As you plan your next golf event, ask yourself about the type of golfer they are targeting, what kind of course they are planning to play on, what their price point is, etc. We can help you select just the right ball and help your promotion or event make the right impression!

Source: BIC Graphic USA

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Service Done Right, The Magic Words – Part 2

July 25, 2017

Remember the “magic words”? Growing up, my mother would always ask me “what is the magic word?” Of course, it was either ‘please’, ‘thank you’ or ‘sorry’. Let’s also not forget about ‘you’re welcome’ and ‘excuse me’. It didn’t take too long before I remembered to say them all the time.

So, why is something that was so engrained in our early vocabulary so quickly forgotten? “Magic words” are not just for children. Why don’t we use them as adults? I don’t think, as some would argue, that society on a whole is on a downward spiral. I think we need a reminder that, as with any skill, we need to practice our “magic words”. No matter your age these essential words are effortless to say and convey a sincerity to others. They have a powerful ability to create positive interactions, so we all should look for opportunities to use them daily.

Thinking back to my positive Chick-fil-A® experience, I wanted to learn more about the company. Turns out the founder has written several books about his recipe for success, inspiring more people, how it’s easier to succeed than to fail, and more. I now have added a few more books to my “need to read” list.

Chick-fil-A® is beating the competition by re-training workers to say ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘my pleasure’. According to QSR Magazine, the chicken chain is statistically the most polite chain in the restaurant business. Their employees were credited for saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ the most and also, get this,….smiling at customers.

While small pleasantries are easy to dismiss, these little things play a key role in their success. Analysts have said that customer service is the key to Chick-fil-A®’s success.

One of the things that stood out to me the most was the young man answering my “thank you” with “my pleasure”. This intrigued me. As a mother of two teenage boys, I think I would fall over if my boys ever said that!

The founder of Chick-fil-A® was Truett Cathy and here is the backstory on “my pleasure” from their “The Chicken Wire” blog – Humble Beginnings – How Truett Cathy’s Love for Customers Grew from a Coke and a Smile.

 Making it a Pleasure to Serve

One of Cathy’s simplest expressions of love has become a memorable part of the Chick-fil-A® experience: “My pleasure.” 

Cathy was visiting a high-end hotel, and when he thanked an employee, the man helping him replied genuinely, “My pleasure.” Cathy felt his sincerity, and the memory of the man’s smile and those two little words stayed with him for several days.

He decided to ask his restaurant owners, team members, and even his corporate staff to respond with “my pleasure” whenever someone said thank you.  “You expect that from a five-star hotel,” Cathy said. “But to have teenagers in a fast-food atmosphere saying it’s their pleasure to serve—that’s a real head-turner.” “My pleasure” became an expression of love for customers. Almost immediately Cathy began receiving letters from customers telling him about their experiences after hearing restaurant team members say those magic words. It was genuine, and customers knew it.

“It was all about the smiles. Every interaction, every cold Coca-Cola, every meal, every cow, every ‘my pleasure’ was an opportunity to express Cathy’s genuine love and draw a smile.”

For me, not only did the “my pleasure” stand out but the entire experience. They went above and beyond from beginning to end. Think about this and how can we apply this to our sales and business world. Do you hear the “magic words” at your favorite businesses you visit? Do you or your employees use the “magic words” when interacting with your clients? Would it make you stand out? I am sure it would. Courtesy is contagious. The “magic words” change our tone completely and engages the customer. As we know, our attitudes will win them over and keep customers coming back. This is a good reminder to all of us – always deliver more than expected.

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Tipping the Scale – How Promotional Products Compete In A New Era of Advertising

July 19, 2017

Brands spend billions of dollars each year on efforts aimed at influencing consumers by following a traditional marketing model. The U.S. alone accounts for an estimated $298 billion in ad expenditures annually and was recently named the world’s largest advertising market.

Developed in 1898 by one of advertising’s founding fathers, Elias St. Elmo Lewis, the traditional marketing model narrows the consumer decision-making process into four key stages: awareness, interest, desire and action (AIDA). This model helps marketing strategies steer the consumer through each stage of the decision making process.

Historically, advertising has been considered the most creative influencer for brands—a belief that is protected and nurtured by many of the world’s leading ad agencies. Yet the world we live in today looks much different than it did in 1898. Now consumers have access to information to form their own opinions of brands.

The Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) released their 2017 Consumer Study, released earlier this year, revealed that 83 percent of consumers said they are more likely to do business with a brand after receiving a promotional product. Yet the promotional products industry represents only seven percent of the world’s advertising dollars spent. So, are companies getting a solid return on the 93 percent of advertising dollars spent outside the promotional products industry? The short answer is… no, not really.

The results from the survey might surprise you. When compared with traditional and emerging forms of advertising, promotional products clearly lead the field in terms of reach, recall and reaction.

Advertising is a science and PPAI has the numbers to back the winning formula of promotional products. We are sharing some of the data from the survey which will help you prioritize your marketing dollars.

Source: PPAI – PPB, June 2017

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The Power of Plush

July 12, 2017

Are you looking for an item that can win the hearts of all audiences? Promotional plush animals make a long-lasting brand impression. Don’t paint plush into a kid’s corner. Plush is a promotional item which is held on to and considered a “keeper”. I know I have a couple of branded stuffed animals at my home and office. Do you know anyone who would throw a new plush bear away?

10 Reason Companies Buy Plush

  1. Broad Appeal
  2. Connects on an emotional level
  3. Creative
  4. Tangible and Interactive
  5. Gives a company character
  6. Strengthens a brand
  7. High perceived value
  8. Brings a company to life
  9. Small product with big impact
  10. Reaches across all ages, demographics and industries

Open the door to smiles. People like plush animals and they keep them. Your brand will create a warm and fuzzy feeling every time they look at your logo. Promotional plush are highly visible (stays on desk, bookshelf, etc.), create sentimental feelings and become a brand collectible/lifetime shelf life.

We have a zoo-full of promotional stuffed animals available to make your message roar!




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Blue Ribbon Promos at the Fair

July 5, 2017

There is nowhere quite like a county fair. The smell of corndogs, the sound of calliope music and the sight of colorful booths conjure up happy childhood memories. What better way for you to advertise your business than at a county fair where thousands of people come to have fun and see what their local businesses have to offer. In small towns across America, county fairs are usually the highlight of the summer.

Whether a giveaway or item for purchase, customized products are the best way to draw attention to your brand. Products need to be relevant to your offering and brand culture. Providing your customer with something they can take home makes their experience engaging, more memorable and meaningful. We can help you make the most of your festival or fair presence by recommending promotional items that will make a lasting impact long after the event is over.

To help, here is a rundown of some of the best fair handouts. The criteria’s for these items are: 1) functionality-will the recipient actually use the item; 2) visibility-will the item’s functionality lead it to be passed on and seen by more than just the recipient; 3) price point-will the combination of functionality and visibility justify the cost of the item.

#1 – Notepads:  People do not throw out notepads.  After a note is written on the pad, it is kept for a period and often handed to someone else.  The notepad is the perfect combination of functionality, visibility and price.

#2 – Stadium Cups: Stadium cups are a very versatile handout. An item like this will be well received and useful for quite some time.

#3 – Pens: Pens are an item that is commonly lost by its owner.  However, when it is lost, someone else finds it.

#4 – Fanny Packs: For years, custom fanny packs proved to be a powerful marketing solution that appealed to a wide audience. Although they peaked in popularity in the 80s, these convenient packs are suddenly finding themselves back in style. Today, these clever and timeless personalized fanny packs offer great on-the-go logo exposure while ensuring a more convenient and safe experience for the recipient.

#5 – Phone Fans, Hand Fans or Misting Fans: Fans are superb promotional items because they really come in handy on those hot summer days. Recipients will want to keep them in their bags, backpacks, or cars at all times; so when everybody else is suffering in the heat, they will feel cool and refreshed.

#6 – Sunscreen: One of the most thoughtful giveaways for the spring and summer is promotional sunscreen. Not only is it important to everyone’s health to use sunscreen but, by using it as giveaways, your customer is spreading the word and helping protect others from harmful UV rays.

#7 – Flyswatters: Think about how relieved the recipient will be when you hand them a promotional fly swatter that helps keeps nasty bugs off their bodies and away from their food. Flyswatters are available in all sorts of different shapes and colors.

#8 – Yardsticks: Do you want to promote your business’s or organization’s growth. The best way to get your name out there is with promotional yardsticks. Yardsticks are available in several colors and offer plenty of room for your name and logo. Yardsticks are extremely useful; they can be used in class, at home, and in the office.

#9 – Coloring Books: Are you looking for a fun giveaway for their littlest fans? Customized coloring books imprinted with your logo so parents will know whom to thank when their little ones are happily distracted. Promotional coloring books are educational and entertaining giveaways for pediatricians, dentists, restaurant owners, or anyone who interacts with children.

#10 – Sunglasses: Give clients the gift of eye protection with a pair of custom printed plastic sunglasses. These fun and unique promotional items are sure to get the attention of many with the wide range of color options available. Did you know that people with lighter colored eyes (blue, grey, green) are more sensitive to sunlight and florescent lights than people with brown eyes?

#11 – Sling Backpacks – People tend to refrain from picking up or buying merchandise just because they don’t want to hold on to it all day but if a company offered a free backpack…. Just think how many promotional advertising pieces they could be going home with!

Act now, let us help you carousel your logo around promotional items at the next county fair.

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