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How to select the right ball for your next golf event

July 26, 2017

There are over 30 million golfers in the United States and Americans spend over $5 billion a year in golf equipment – golf balls being a major part of this. Are you planning a golf event this summer or fall? We can help you select the right golf ball for your event.

There are three levels of performance:

  • Recreational Golfer
  • Aspiring Professional
  • Tour Performance

It’s all about the construction and layers of the ball. A ball can have 2-5 five layers. Each layer provides more flexibility and control of the ball, and experienced golfers take advantage of these attributes in every swing.

The core is the most inner component and usually made of rubber. It is considered the “engine” of the ball and gives you the distance.

The mantle is the next layer. It is made of either rubber or a strong, resilient plastic. The mantle provides the “feel” of the ball – whether it feels soft or hard coming off the face of the club.

The third layer is the cover, again made of some sort of rubber or elastic plastic and dictates the “control” of the ball. The more layers you have, the more flexibility and control the ball offers. Control basically means spin, resilience and durability on the course.

Ever wonder about the dimples? The dimples typically come in two shapes, either circular or hexagonal and they are what reduces drag, produces lift, increases distance and stability. Some manufacturers differentiate themselves with the pattern of their dimples.

Finally, every ball comes with a clear, slick coating that protects the ball’s surface from degradation from sun, impact, fertilizer, etc. As your golf skills increase, you take more advantage of those attributes as you play through a round.

Each construction type provides a different launch off the club – changing the angle, spin rate, ball velocity and overall aerodynamics. Again, this is all more important to experienced golfers who tend to find a ball they like and stick to it loyally – though for special events, are happy to try out a new ball of an equal or similar sophistication.

As you plan your next golf event, ask yourself about the type of golfer they are targeting, what kind of course they are planning to play on, what their price point is, etc. We can help you select just the right ball and help your promotion or event make the right impression!

Source: BIC Graphic USA

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