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Powerful Promos Vol. 11

September 14, 2018


Client Need:

A major university was looking to reduce the number of non-emergency calls going to 911 and promote their on-campus safety program.


The Campus’ Public Safety team does visits, displays, and interface with students on campus quite often. They gave out key chains with the University’s mascot on the front and the Public Safety non-emergency number on the back. As a result, non-emergency phone calls to the 911 number were markedly reduced. Those calls showed up on the regular number provided on the key chain, where they should be.

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Powerful Promos Vol. 10

September 5, 2018

Client Need:

A benefits advising company was hosting a benefits conference and needed a useful, yet high-perceived value gift for clients in attendance.


The company’s Promotional Consultant suggested a wine glass. This 19 oz. tall wine glass features a rounded design and a chip-resistant rolled rim, and it has a long, sturdy stem and a wide base. The hotel was happy to use them at the event, then the guests were able to take them home as a memento of the event.


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Our favorite way to stay dry

August 29, 2018

Take the frustration out of getting caught in the rain with the 48 inch Arc Two-Tone Inversion Umbrella! Made for durability using Pongee Material and crafted with a sturdy metal shaft, this umbrella will be sure to impress. The feature you’ll love the most is it’s inverted design that keeps you dry when closing. No more getting soaked while climbing in the car or when closing the umbrella once you’re indoors! Simply release the umbrella with it’s one-finger push button and manually open to a broad 48 inch diameter canvas that will keep you and anything you are carrying covered and dry. When closed, this sleek umbrella is just 2 inch long making the 48 inch Arc Two-Tone Inversion Umbrella easy to take along with you anywhere you go!

Find it here.

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Powerful Promos Vol. 9

August 20, 2018

Client need

A not-for-profit organization called Clutch 4 Charity is a startup apparel company that was founded on the words WHAT IF: What If… we didn’t spend billions of dollars endorsing athletes? And, What If… we endorsed charities and invested in them instead. Clutch 4 Charity wanted to partner with multiple charities and customize part of their apparel line to match the branding of those charities.


Our Bankers Promotional Consultant has partnered with this charity to provide branded apparel guidance and consulting. The National and Global organizations that are teamed up with CLUTCH each have their own Cause Line Shirt. For every purchase, approximately 50 percent of Clutch’s profits goes directly to the charity/organization selected. 

For example, the Michael J. Fox Foundation’s logo is orange, so their orange Clutch performance tee benefits that charity.

Additional Clutch 4 Charity apparel items:

PosiCharge Competitor Tee, ladies leggings, ladies tanks, collared shirts, and a specialty product in a unique color called Coyote Brown for a military group.

Our Promotional Consultant went above and beyond and helped the  client design two new designs that expand beyond their logo… a “TRAINING” tee and one that uses the words “WHAT IF” (part of their mission statement):

In addition to t-shirts, we are also working on additional products to add to the lineup including headbands and sport sandals.

Check out their newly launched website!

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Powerful Promos Vol. 8

August 7, 2018

Client need:

A technology company was looking for a unique gift item at a Star Wars themed conference. They needed to use their logo in conjunction with the conference logo.


The client’s promotional consultant suggested the Sabre Umbrella. This umbrella features blue, red, or white lights that travel up the shaft for colorful night-time enjoyment. This large umbrella also comes with a flashlight at the bottom of the handle… like a light saber! The umbrella was a huge hit (or shall we say… force?) with conference goers.

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Powerful Promos Vol. 7

August 3, 2018

Client Need:

Carroll Creek Farms is a startup farm run by two young professionals that grew up in the city but always dreamt of living on a farm. The farm raises ethically-raised livestock and sells meat at local restaurants and farmer’s markets. Carroll Creek Farms was looking for a gift-with-purchase idea to be used as a product-buying incentive.


Our Bankers Advertising Promotional Consultant suggested a branded tote bag. Bags generate nearly 6,000 impressions with just 1/10th of a cent per impression. Recipients were sure to keep the bag and use it!

Carroll Creek Farms was asked by the Ohio Pork Council to provide something for their wall display at the Ohio State Fair this year. Their branded totes were the perfect thing to showcase their logo in a large manner.

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Our oldest fan

July 31, 2018

If you ever doubted the lasting power of promotional products, take a look at this beautiful fan that we received in the mail recently at our headquarters in Iowa City! The following letter was sent with it, detailing the trip it took to get to us. Between the letter and the text on the fan, we were able to determine that it’s over 100 years old! Statistics are only so convincing—share the story of this beautiful keepsake the next time your customers are wondering what kind of staying power their investment in promotional products is likely to have. The research from Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) tells us that 18 percent of consumers keep their promotional products for more than 11 years. This evidence shows that, with the right product and the right customer, they just might last a lifetime.


Dear Bankers Advertising Co. 

This lovely fan was given to me many years ago by an aunt who bought it in an antiques shop on the Hudson River, just north of [New York] City. Just today, I noticed that it was printed in Iowa City, where I lived for a few years when I taught at [the University of Iowa]! I have such fond feelings for Iowa, and it occurred to me that it might be time for the fan to return home. Imagine my delight to find that Bankers Advertising is still in business and family owned. I hope that you will enjoy this bit of your history as much (or more!) than I have. I live in Washington State now, so imagine how far it has traveled.

All the best, Rebecca Platzner


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Powerful Promos Vol. 6

July 2, 2018

Client Need:

A University was looking for a fun way to promote biking and bike licenses.


The University’s promotional consultant suggested a bike seat cover… like shower caps for your bicycle seat! They are an eye-catching, brand promoting and functional way to track biking number and needs on campus. They plan to hand them out at student orientation events throughout the summer as well as their back-to-school festival in the fall.

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Powerful Promos Vol. 5

June 19, 2018

Client Need:

A transportation and logistics company wanted to put a focus on employee retention.


The company’s promotional consultant suggested a useful, high-end gift with tech appeal.

The items were to feature a company hashtag (#GotMoxie). The hashtag is their internal motivator… they want employees who have “moxie”- (a.k.a. the ‘IT’ factor) and the ability to face challenges with spirit, courage and determination.

Together, they selected the most perfect welcome kit for new team members. The kit featured five best sellers and was a real hit!

  • El Dorado Smart Backpack in beige/tan or black/gray
  • Budsies Bluetooth Earbuds
  • EnergyBar 2200mAh Power Bank in black or white
  • Argonot MFI-certified Cord with Micro-USB
  • Ringr Smartphone Multi-tool

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Powerful Promos Vol. 3

June 1, 2018

Client Need:

A food processing company is always looking for fun kid’s ideas, but especially for the month of June, which is National Turkey Lover’s Month.


Their promotional products consultant suggested a custom-made turkey mask for kids to wear. The company tied it to a social media campaign along with a hashtag where parents were encouraged to post pictures of their kids wearing the turkey masks and celebrating. The masks have been distributed at fairs, community events, and school classroom visits.

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