Bankers Advertising Marketing Ideas

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Looking for effective low-cost advertising?

Advertising calendars are the most cost-effective promotional products. They offer targeted marketing with a very low cost per exposure.

An advertising calendar can...

  • Inform: Calendars can include special tips about items important to the business or end user.
  • Organize: Calendars allow the recipient to record important dates and information.
  • Decorate: Beautiful pictures will be enjoyed all year.
  • Inspire: Calendars can include a motivational message.
  • Loyalty: Repeat viewing of the advertiser's message builds loyalty and good will.

Three reasons why calendar marketing is effective:

  • Calendars speak directly to your target market. They tell a story to a specific core audience, making message retention very high.
  • Because calendar advertising is so targeted, your message has a lot of "reach," measurably extending your Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Your calendar can be enhanced with a variety of custom options like coupons, a time-tested method for increasing sales.

Go Green!

Cities are competing to be the greenest and offering incentives to businesses that want to be greener. Using eco-friendly promotions is a very demonstrative way to market your "green" initiatives. We offer a plethora of green promotions in recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable materials. Click here for more information about GOING GREEN with promotional products.