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It’s Grilling Month!

June 24, 2024

Grilling Month is the perfect time to highlight products from our Summer Guide!

  1. 26320 | GCI Outdoor® Freestyle Rocker XL™ with Side Table (Page 2)
  2. 98350 | Tiki Speaki™ Wireless Speaker Lantern (Page 2)
  3. 40002 | Pickleball Set (Page 5)
  4. DCQDT2 | Deluxe Perforated Grill Flipper (Page 9)
  5. FRK | Eco Freek Beverage Sleeves (Page 17)
  6. 39ACS1315 | Therm-O Super Tote (Page 19)

Check out these promos that fit the occasion and see more about them in our Summer Guide here.

Find more product options here. 

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Summer Guide Favorites

June 21, 2024

Summer is in full swing and we’re excited to share our favorite products with you. There are so many great ideas in our Summer Guide that are sure to make your brand shine! Check out the products that caught our sales managers’ eyes and contact your Bankers Promotional Consultant for more info!

View all our favorites here. 

View our full Summer Guide here. 

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Pen Goes Viral on TikTok!

May 31, 2024

It all started when Sam Hart (@thesam_show on TikTok) signed the lease for her new apartment and received a promotional pen with the apartment building’s name on it. She loved the pen and took five more. When the ink ran out, she tried asking where she could buy more pens for herself and found out she could only buy the pen as a promotional item in bulk quantities. Hart was in a position at her former job that had the task of designing a yearly branded-merchandise campaign, so she pitched the pen. The pitch was approved and Hart distributed the pens around the office. Her coworkers raved. “I am the most popular person in the office because I am the one who procured these pens. I’m a hero, in fact,” Hart said.

The video currently has 1.3 million likes, 7,678 comments, 85,000 saves and 20,200 shares. The supplier got wind of the viral status on Thursday, May 2.

“As soon as we became aware of the video, we launched a campaign to capitalize on the increased interest,” said the company’s senior director of marketing and communications. “This included social media posts, blog content, email scripts and added attention on our website. Our sales team is actively engaging with our customers, letting them know about the popularity of the BIC® Intensity ClicTM Gel Pen and that we are its exclusive supplier…We quickly placed orders for more samples because we were getting triple the number of sample requests than we normally do. One of our customers even received 1,200 sample requests in 48 hours.” 

Knowing that viral fame doesn’t last long, Rosario says the team is already using this moment to shift attention to other products to hopefully maintain peoples’ attention and secure more orders.

The ICLGEL has become a popular item, and we also want to highlight the new BIC® Ferocity ClicTM Gel Pen, which is very similar to the ICLGEL but with a slimmer profile. For all the lefties out there, it also has a fast-drying ink – even though the gel in the ICLGEL dries pretty quickly too. The BIC® #FCLGEL Ferocity Clic Gel Pen is featured in our Summer Guide on page 14.

This isn’t the first time a pen from this supplier has gone viral on TikTok. In October 2020, the people were obsessed with the Sharpie S-Gel.

Promote your company with this pen – the virality speaks for itself.

Contact your Bankers Promotional Consultant for a sample and see for yourself!

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Timely Travel Products

May 16, 2024

Spring is in full swing! With warmer weather comes more travel. Here are some of the Advertising Specialty Institute’s editor’s picks.

As the travel industry evolves, these branded accessories are sure to keep pace. The travel industry has certainly shifted over the past several years. With high inflation and expensive costs, vacationers are becoming more intentional about how and where they spend their money. A recent article from Condé Nast Traveler lays out the big trends to watch this year, including astro tourism, home-swapping (cheaper than Airbnbs), “coolcationing” (heading to Iceland rather than Sicily, for example) and even train travel. Changes may be afoot, but people can’t help but want to get out there – the branded travel products listed here are must-have companions on the journey.

Equipped with stretch-mesh pockets, elastic cable organizers and a power bank pocket, the #4400-07 Bellroy tech kit offers easy access to tech accessories without the tangle. Great for conferences and college bookstores.

Employees celebrating milestone work anniversaries will love this #101833 Samsonite weekender bag for both work trips and vacations. Made of a blend of recycled polyester and cotton, it has a recycled polyester lining, two side pockets and an adjustable and removable shoulder strap.

Guests on incentive trips are sure to need this #SET-TP travel pack that includes SPF 30 sunscreen, SPF 30 lip balm, sanitizing spray and scented lotion in a clear pouch with carabiner.

Talk about space-saving – this #ROLLUP 4-in-1 travel bag has four detachable pouches for storing tech accessories and other small belongings. Ideal for travel overseas or to the gym.

Readers can follow National Geographic experts on a grand tour of the 50 states in this #9781426216909 travel book. Optional custom insert page and belly band. Consider employee gift programs.

Water-resistant and breathable, this #TT77 Anorak jacket is a must for tour groups and valet parking staff. Can be rolled up into a fanny pack when the rain clears. Available in five colors.

Traveler 3.0 (INT’L Adapter Kit), the newest generation of our Traveler universal power bank now features Magsafe wireless charging and ultra-fast charging speeds. For those going on international trips, this is the perfect companion! The built-in plug-and-charge function offers incredible convenience wherever your adventure takes you!

The AeroLOFT™ Pillow is a business first travel pillow with a sleep mask. It features a luxurious, super-soft plush pillow cover that’s removable and machine washable. The pressure-relieving memory foam pillow ensures optimal comfort and support. An adjustable pillow clasp and tightener allows for perfect fit. The compact folding pillow design fits snugly in drawstring travel pouch.

Don’t forget staples like luggage tags, packing cubes, etc. See page 7 of our NEW Summer Guide for more ideas. Contact your Bankers Promotional Consultant for more ideas!

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Three Reasons Why you Should Brand a Journal 

April 15, 2024

Equip your audience with the tools needed to achieve goals, while also aligning your brand with their journey towards success.

Why it Works
1. Improved Engagement & Retention – Studies have shown that physically writing down information helps individuals better process and remember content.
2. Professional Image & Brand Visibility – Offering high-quality notebooks ensures that the notebooks are used during meetings, conferences, or workshops showing off the logo decorated on it to everyone around them.
3. Personalization & Connection – Each notebook reflects an understanding of different brand preferences and values, catering to diverse needs and fostering more meaningful and enduring relationships.


Kalan Journal #CA9791 – Designed for business executives and professionals seeking to jot down essential notes, meeting minutes, and creative  ideas, with the added benefit of a magnetic closure to ensure document security.

Montado Cork And Linen Journal #CA9788 – A must-have for environmentally conscious brands and individuals. The cork and linen  cover, along with the wheat straw and cork pen, highlight sustainability efforts. It can be used for eco-friendly promotions, workshops, or as a thoughtful gift for clients and partners.

Savannah Journal #CA9645 – Tailored for globetrotters, this journal is designed to accompany travelers on their journeys. The front slash pocket can hold travel essentials such as a phone, tickets, or maps, and the elastic expansion provides space for souvenirs. The undated pages allow for versatile use during trips.

Castelli Laser Medio Lined Journals QB4MQ/QB4MD/Q24MC – Tailored for students, teachers, and researchers, this notebook is perfect for keeping track of lecture notes, research findings, and project ideas. Its durable cover and ribbon page marker help keep things organized.

Spiral Bound Combo Neoskin #ST4471 – Perfect for event planners and attendees, this journal comes complete with a matching pen, making it ideal for seamless note-taking during seminars, workshops, and conferences. The neoskin’s ribbon page marker adds convenience for professionals engaged in networking and learning opportunities.

Soft Cover Combo Bradford #ST4841 – Also check out this popular spiral bound 8″ x 10″ option.


Journals are great promo for businesses that want to put their brand in front of a large audience. The possibilities are endless. If your clients are looking for an eco-friendly options, check out these.

Hardcover Combo Tiki #EC3601 – made from 34% postconsumer pineapple fiber.

Castelli Oceano ECO rPET Medio Lined Recycled White Page Journal #QG18V – made from plastic that pollutes our oceans is recovered through an upcycle process and transformed into an ecofriendly polyester fabric cover.


Need more ideas? Contact your Promotional Product Consultant.

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Editor’s Picks: Undeniably Useful Umbrellas

March 14, 2024

March is Umbrella Month! Spring is on it’s way to us, and umbrellas are a great promo for the upcoming rainy days!

Umbrellas make excellent promotional items due to their practicality and ample space for branding.

Umbrellas are a perennial favorite among our customers, and demand for them is poised to grow. As you prepare for increasingly extreme weather and exercise more robust sun-protection measures, these branded umbrellas are must-haves.


1. The Dashboard Defender #SB-7100 windshield umbrella keeps a car cool in summer with its SPF 50 UV coating while showcasing your logo. Fits in gloveboxes and unfolds to 57” by 35”. Features reinforced stitching and a Velcro-assisted V-shape for rearview-mirror compatibility. Doubles as a safety tool in emergencies, offering extra visibility with its reflective silver coating.





2. Just a single button push opens the #26303 GoGo by Shed Rain 58” Windjammer umbrella. Made with recycled polyester, it’s vented and stores in an included case with shoulder strap.



3. Made with a metal/fiberglass frame and recycled-polyester canopy, this #5050-01 42” auto-open umbrella folds to a compact 12”. Features a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified wood handle and matching recycled-polyester sleeve. Wind-rated up to 25 mph.





4. Perfect for eco events and companies that prioritize the planet, the 42” #9500 ECO sport umbrella’s canopy is made from recycled plastic bottles. Features a bamboo handle, bungee wrist cord and coated rustproof frame, and fits in a tote or backpack.



5. Designed to comfortably cover two people, the Shed Rain Vortex V2 vented umbrella #2286 has a 54” tone-on-tone printed canopy made of recycled polyester. Engineered with patented Cable Enforced Technology, it withstands winds up to 75 mph.







6. Users can kick back and relax in style in this #730C recliner lounge chair with kite umbrella. Features a sturdy steel frame, durable seat, footrest, armrest, cooler, side storage pockets, cup holder and headrest. Choose from blue, black or red.


Umbrellas are a promotional item that will always be appreciated! Talk to your Bankers Promotional Consultant about this timeless promo. Check out our wide selection of umbrellas here!

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Spring Guide Favorites

March 1, 2024

Every season, we carefully curate the Guide and include only the best! The products chosen for our Spring Guide this year are ones we think show our versatility, quality and best sellers. Read on to hear more about our staff’s favorites.

#GRDN7 | Outdoor Thermometer | page 2 

#BL1101 | Promotional Loop Terry Beach Towel | page 4

#K81 | Cook’s Choice One-Cup Measuring Cup | page 7

#BCKWHT | Wheat Straw Backscratcher with

                                       Shoehorn and Chain | page 8



#80880 | Soothies | page 6 

#32510 | SCX Design Desk Organizer with 10W Charging Base | page 9

#8875 | 11 oz. Apollo | page 19 

#SM-5755 | The Goods Recycled Felt Collection Meeting Tote | page 16



#880 | Magnifying Rain Gauge |  page 2

#SG02TR | Modesta Holo Sunglasses | page 4

#7262 | Alignment Ball Mark | page 5 

#CL16 | Power Clip Jumbo | page 6



#MRPS | Thermacell Mosquito Repeller | page 3

#97018 | Trillah Fanny Pack | page 3

#34081 | Vavavroom Handheld Vacuum Cleaner | page 7

#VPLS019 | Chelsea Little Buddies | page 22 




#970 | Silicone Wrist Disc| page 3

#76015 | Orion 100W Charging Cable | page 9

#751003 | Airhug Wireless Charging Car Dock | page 11

#UHO | Coastal Threads™ Trek Pack | page 17

#AC18X | The Roadmaster Travel Tumbler | page 18


Contact your Bankers Promotional Consultant for more info!

View our Spring Guide here for more great ideas!

See our video that breaks down each product and our favorite features!

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Promo Ideas for March

February 26, 2024

It’s almost time for March Madness… the time of year when we all become invested in the outcome of college basketball games, and even those who actively dislike basketball find other things to make guesses on in brackets, because the process is just that fun. If you’ve never filled out a bracket, it’s a 50/50 choice at every branching, narrowing a field of 64 down to one winner. Your odds aren’t great, but making the picks is entertaining, whether you’re basing your choice on the skills of the players or which team’s mascot looks fiercer!

According to a Smithsonian article, “you’re more likely to die an excruciating death by vending machine, become president, win the Mega Millions jackpot or die from incorrectly using products made for right-handed people (if you’re a lefty) than fill out a perfect NCAA basketball bracket.” In fact, according to Sports Illustrated, there’s no documentation that anyone has ever done so. Yet every year, ESPN reports, some 70 million brackets are filled out. With that much fun going on, it would be madness not to brand it! Great choices include pens or markers to fill out the brackets (nothing erasable!) or basketball stress balls for when the tensions get high. Check out these other great March ideas:

National Plant a Flower Day

Indoors or outdoors, in a pot or in the ground – get your fingers dirty! Spring is right around the corner, so dig in!

Ideas: gardening glovesgardening toolsblossom kits and seeds

Pi Day

For bakers and math geeks alike! 3.1415 … no matter how many digits you can recite of this irrational number, it’s a totally rational excuse for serving up the tastier version.

Ideas: slice-n-serve pie cutterapple pie stress relievercalculator

St. Patrick’s Day

This traditional Irish-American holiday gives rise to parades across the country.

Ideas: shamrock beadsgood luck cooliewhiskey set

International Day of Happiness

Established via a U.N. resolution in 2012, this holiday, celebrated by all U.N. member nations, is in recognition of the value of happiness to our health and wellbeing.

Ideas: emoji hand fansuperhero smiley stress reliever

The ideas are endless. Feeling overwhelmed? Contact your Bankers Promotional Consultant to help you select the perfect item for your brand building efforts this Spring! Check out our Guide for even more ideas!

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Inspire Trends for 2024

February 23, 2024

2024 is now in full swing! Check out these 2024 trends to help you brand your business. Read below to see some predictions!

“Redefine” is about sustainability. It’s about repurposing, reconstructing and redefining the way we live and the products we use in more eco-friendly and socially conscious ways. A great example is the growing consumer preference for “Quiet Luxury,” which references high-quality, timeless styles with elevated materials that have longevity. Redefine means we are reevaluating our products and manufacturing with a continuous goal of making our world more sustainable.

Quiet Luxury

Do not mistake Quiet Luxury as “just another trend.” Typified by high-quality, timeless styles with elevated materials that have longevity, this style movement is here to stay. Embodying the craftsmanship traditionally associated with luxury fashion, Quiet Luxury sensibly combines style with sustainable materials that appeal to the contemporary, environmentally conscious consumer.



In our fast-paced digital age, finding the delicate equilibrium between unplugging and connecting is essential. This new assortment of gadgets and gear helps consumers navigate converging digital and physical worlds. Striking this balance affords consumers the choice to live with intention. They can travel for work and pleasure simultaneously; they can keep in touch while on the trail they can power up while winding down.




Now more than ever, consumers are prioritizing health and self-care. They focus inward to find new ways to heal – from embracing the power of sound to the importance of exploring nature. This year, consumers will continue to seek products supporting cognition, focus, recuperation, sleep, and mood. The products in this collection promote healthy living, stress reduction, and enhanced overall comfort.





Be on the lookout for us to share more 2024 trends soon. Contact your Bankers Promotional Consultant for more ideas to promote your business in 2024.









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Gear Up For Spring with Umbrellas!

February 9, 2024

Need some reasons to promote your company with the longest kept promotional product? Here are ten.

VALUE: Even the most budget-priced styles have very high-perceived value. No matter the amount spent, people will think the umbrella cost more, and what gift recipient doesn’t like that?!

LONGEVITY: Umbrellas are kept longer than any other promotional item, according to research by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI)!

IMPACT: Umbrellas make a big impression with a large, visible imprint area, not to mention multiple possible locations! Most styles feature panel printing, both upper and undercanopy, along with wide tie and case imprinting.

CONVENIENCE: Everyone can use more than one, whether they keep them handy at home, the office, in the car or in their bag/briefcase!

UTILITY: Umbrellas are great for the rain, of course, but also for sun and snow protection!

OPTIONS: With wildly popular inverted styles, plus folding, golf, and fashion, our umbrellas have you covered! There are umbrellas that pair with an app to tell end users when it’s going to rain.

UNISEX: Both women and men appreciate a great umbrella, and you don’t have to worry about buying them in a range of sizes like you do with apparel!

FLEXIBILITY: Umbrellas can be used as an appropriate gift, whether it’s for clients, prospects, employees, members, etc.!

CLASSIC: Why give out a gift that leaves people wondering what they’ll ever do with it, when an umbrella always speaks for itself?

COLOR: With a wide range of color combinations and multi-color imprinting possibilities, there isn’t a promotional theme that can’t be matched!
Did you know 45% of all consumers own promotional umbrellas?

Umbrella Day is February 10th and March is Umbrella Month! Contact your Bankers Promotional Consultant for more information.

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