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The Walking Billboard: The Power of Promoting with Bags

July 30, 2009

Bankers Advertising offers a wide variety of promotional bags that fit any budget. Our sales reports tell us that bags are more popular than ever because they’re being used to stay “green.” The value of the advertisement on the bag is incredible. They’re walking billboards with your company’s name on it.

They’re INNOVATIVE! With all the styles, colors, patterns, materials there is a style and price for any budget. They’re universal in appeal. They’re green! “Reuse Don’t Recycle.” We know billboard advertising is effective, but what if your billboard was a bag with your imprint on it? Then you’d reap the even better results than billboard advertising because yours is useful, tangible, and eco-friendly for the recipient.

The Facts:

  • Bags are one of the most frequently used promotional products, an average of 9 times per month.
  • Bags make a very high number of marketing impressions, approximately 1,038 per month.
  • Bags on average are kept and used for 9 months.
  • Bags are user friendly with more than 90% of the recipients saying they kept the imprinted bag because it was useful. 90% of the recipients could recall the name of the advertiser, 53% said they had a favorable impression of the advertiser and best of all 68% said they do business with the advertiser.
  • Bags are cost effective with an average cost per impression of less that one cent.
  • Bags are functional – mobile – valuable – cost effective, making them an extremely valuable marketing and branding vehicle.

Probably one of the hottest bag styles now is the non-woven poly material, used mostly in the very popular grocery style totes. Here is a little more information about this bag style:

  • What is Polypropylene? It is a form of plastic, produced in large sheets. It has picked up the label “non-woven” because the material has been debossed to give it the appearance of woven cloth.
  • What is GSM? This is the measurement (Grams per Square Meter) that measures the weight and density of the polypropylene material. Standard GSM for industry bags range for 70 – 100 GSM. This range means there is a noticeable quality difference (generally based on price) of totes made using the non-woven material. It is important to note that when comparing like products with a wide price variance you should look first for the GSM to make sure that the products in consideration are of similar quality.
  • Are they eco-friendly? A large part of the appeal to this non-woven material is that it contains a percent of recycled content. Most non-woven bags are reusable so they help eliminate the use of other plastic bags.

Bags are HOT! They are also arguably the fastest growing product category in the industry today. They offer excellent utility to your ad recipient and incredible value for your ad dollars.

Written by Bob Kral | Senior VP Marketing | Bankers Advertising Company

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