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Build Traffic, Bring Customers to Your Trade Show Booth

January 26, 2011

It’s that time of year again: trade shows are popping up all over the place and now is the perfect time to consider the best booth items for your target audience.

It is always good to plan ahead once you know the exact date of your trade show, so that you can order specialty products early and receive the items well ahead of the show. Then, you’ll be sure you got what you expected and there weren’t any problems. When you order custom items with Bankers, we’re happy to help you resolve issues.

Remember, pre-show items – products sent before the show to build anticipation – can be the best use of your money. The hottest pre-show promotions compel your target visitors to actively search out your exhibit. Customers will have you on their list and won’t leave the show until they’ve stopped by to visit.

The most compelling reason to visit a booth is a promise of something of value. That value can be an enticement such as an apparel item like a cap, t-shirt or jacket. Or consider an advertising calendar, which everyone loves. To gain interest, print and mail a coupon that your target visitor redeems for the gift at your exhibit. This lets you track and measure the effectiveness of your pre-show promotion.

Another effective trade show tactic is to send your visitor the first half of a two-part bribe. For example, send a pair of headphones and let your customer pick up an MP3 player. Or, send a key and the customer can pick up a briefcase. The two-part approach works well when the bribe is substantial—more than a throwaway pen or trinket—and has the biggest payoff for you when you target a selected number of people that you really want to see.

For example, a distributor of welding equipment and supplies sent its best customers a single welding glove along with a map directing them to the booth, inviting them to stop by and pick up the mate.

Any promotional product given away at the booth should reflect the quality of your product and the good reputation of your firm. You don’t want to have your logo on a cheap pen that doesn’t write. Your prospects subconsciously discount your brand when they have to throw away one of your items. The giveaway should be something genuinely useful and it should be kept in a place where the prospect will refer to it when the need for your product arises.

Hand out a wine selection book to an event planner or a Stick-A-Strip promotional calendar to a computer programmer. The customer will keep these useful items and have your information on hand when they need it.

Also consider bags – the walking billboard – as your trade show handout. People love them at trade shows to store all of their goodies. They’re also likely to reuse high quality bags, so display your logo prominently and let them advertise for you even after the trade show ends!

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