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September 21, 2018

We spend a lot of time learning and educating ourselves on all that’s on-trend in our industry. Why? So we can help our clients stay on the cutting edge with their branding year after year. We’ve created a fabulous resource for the upcoming gift season so that you’re not left behind.

We’re excited to share this Fall’s top branding trends!


There’s a hot new trend that’s delivering a jolt of excitement to traditional promotional products like bags and drinkware. Tech features, like charging ports and Bluetooth speakers, are being added to products to increase the fun and deliver more function and convenience. Backpacks and bags now include built-in wireless chargers. Taking your tunes on the go wth integrated Bluetooth speakers is another key trend.


Wireless isn’t just a convenience, it’s a way of life. Staying connected on-the-go is essential in our modern world. Wireless technology has been steadily increasing in popularity for several years, but with advancing Bluetooth capabilities on many devices, wireless chargers, speakers, and headphones are quickly becoming some of the most sought-after tech accessories! There is no denying the appeal of promotional products with wireless technology for promoting a message and making a lasting impression.


This trend is still HOT! In retail, high-performance, insulated drinkware hotter than ever. From campus to factories to the boardroom–it’s everywhere. The most popular drinkware pieces, those with copper – vacuum insulation, are home run gifts for any brand. What makes them so universally loved? Well, they perform, keeping beverages hot for up to 6-12 hours and cold up to 18-48 hours. Also, they’re practical. They’re meant to be used every day.


Natural materials like marble and cork are making a big comeback, and not just on countertops and cork boards! These timeless, minimalist patterns turn ordinary items into statement pieces. These products create rock-solid brand building, whether they’re used at home or at the office. The marble features rich patterns of veins and swirls, imposing a subtle visual interest that creates a unique background for your logo. The distinctive look of cork provides a stylish effect for your brand.and cork boards!


From home décor to luxury products, metallic is a growing trend. Fashionable silvers, bronzes, golds, and rose golds are showing up everywhere from the runway to retail stores. Shiny, warm metals are on the rise as important ways to lend elegance to a space. Help your brand shine and put this stylish theme in the hands of your customers.


The two-tone color effect of gradients (or ombré) is making a big comeback in the design world. New styles transition bright pops of color to neutrals and metallic for a big impact or show subtle change in color value for eye-catching results. Gradients are interesting and memorable; the unusual blends showcase color in a new way. The effect is a game changer for brands looking to create their unique identity.


Is it a gift or giveaway? Someone wise once said that presentation is everything. Packaging options and gift sets offer more than a way to recognize a special occasion or important relationship – they’re also an opportunity to showcase your brand in a whole new way. The first impression can set the tone of receiving the gift and build an emotional

connection. Much of the attention in choosing holiday gifts is given to the gift itself, but the presentation is a value added opportunity that can’t be ignored. Packaging and presentation add to any promotion, presentation, contribution, or offering. Gift bags, custom ribbon, and gift boxes will enhance the selected item and maximize the impression it leaves.


With a per-gift budget in mind, it’s common to begin looking for the one item that fits in the budget. But with multiple items, your client receives greater exposure and value. By creating a kit or package of products, the recipients are left with many brand impressions. Bundling several items together also increases the perceived value.

Browse these ideas and more in our full Gift Guide.

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