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Retail Brands + the Power of Promo: A Perfect Pair!

October 12, 2018

A recent webinar with Melissa Ralston, Chief Marketing Officer of BIC® Graphic, illuminated the inimitable value of the perfect pairing of retail brands and promo. Her tips and ideas were so compelling, we just had to share them with you! The bottom line? Promoting your business with retail brands just makes good sense.

At the outset, Ralston laid out the number one reason that you should add your logo to a retail product: 60 percent of end users—your customers!—prefer a recognized brand. Yes, 60 percent! Need more reasons? Well, here are seven very important ones:

  • Peace of Mind When you work with retail brands, you can be confident that certain things are taken care of. If the products are for sale on shelves across the country, you know they’ve been thoroughly vetted and meet all relevant safety standards.
  • Saving Time Decision-making is easier you are dealing with a known quantity rather than taking a risk on something sight-unseen.
  • Creating a Difference Retail brands will make your brand stand out from the crowd. You will easily be differentiated as a knowledgeable seeker of value.
  • Comfort and Safety Ralston also called this “predictability”—it’s the benefit you get from knowing what to expect and trusting that it will be the same each time you get it. There’s no surprises here; the quality is consistent.
  • Added Value Your brand has value in-and-of itself. Why not add to it by pairing it with something recognized and trusted? It has all the benefits of co-branding! The retail brand logo next to your branding elevates its perceived status.
  • Self-expression Many consumers think of retail brands as extensions of themselves—as Ralston pointed out, if you’re unsure of this, just ask a Mac user when they’re likely to buy their next PC! Brands aren’t just what we wear or buy, they’re who we are. Tying your brand to that emotional attachment builds loyalty.
  • Shared Experiences Retail brands aren’t just about individual expression, they’re about group identity as well. Brand advocates gather as a community and share positive experiences. By adding a retail brand to your advertising mix, you are entering a constructive conversation already in progress.

It’s no secret that retail brands come at a higher price point than other options. But through minimizing risk, creating favorable recognition, and standing out from the competition, you are bound to make back your investment. After all, sometimes choices made to save money can end up costing money.

One of the greatest benefits of retail brand use is creating a desired perception. By aligning with brands that share the values you want to convey, your customers will have double the reinforcement of your message. Think of the added value if a retail brand known for “peace of mind” were used in conjunction with a promotional campaign for an insurance agent!

Ultimately, retail brands are a win-win for both your customers and your brand. Talk to your sales representative about incorporating retail brands into your promotional campaigns. With gift season looming on the horizon, the timing couldn’t be better to experience the value of retail brands!


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