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The Power of Positivity

November 8, 2018

By Bankers blogger: Genevieve Trainor

A recent blog post from one of our top apparel partners caught my eye. It’s the perfect antidote to the oncoming dreary and despondent cold of winter (at least, here in the Midwest—no rubbing it in if you’re located in a more temperate climate!). The post called out a trend toward optimism in apparel—both in the graphics being imprinted by customers and in the color choices offered by brands. Here’s the post in full:

If there’s one trend out there in the apparel world we should all be excited to see, it is the current trend of optimism. Positivity is replacing doom and gloom in the graphics and decorations we are seeing around today.

Brands and customers alike all want to feel as if they are contributing to a greater good. Brands in particular are using hope as a way to connect directly with customers.

The everyday super hero is being emphasized through empowering graphics and important messages. Individuals want to be able to showcase their own particular “superpower” via unique and empowering decorations.

Bright colors are often seen on apparel these days, with logos designed to pop both in the retail market as well as on social media such as Instagram.

It’s not enough to merely be a hero these days…people want to see happy heroes!

Cathie Wigert/SanMar

“Contributing to a greater good” is certainly a powerful motivator in decision-making! Fast-rising Gen Z is particularly, more than other demographics, attuned to social responsibility—it’s easy to think of that in terms of alleviating negative impact with “do no harm” initiatives (recycled materials, for example), but there’s an aspect of social responsibility that embraces joy and uplifting messages, too.

Kindness is the new cynicism.

As the article notes, bright colors are on the rise as well, reflecting that sunshine in the soul. Now, I’m no Gen Z optimist: My own Gen X aesthetic is as black as my closet full of concert Ts. But there’s no denying that when days are gray, a flash of brightness is “contributing to a greater good.”

We can even track down those bright hues with ease! All your sales representative needs to know is the PMS number of your official colors, and they can let you know exactly which pieces come in those shades.

We are also seeing a rise in rainbow imprints and superhero messaging. As you consider designs for your wearables purchase, think in vibrant colors and remember to embrace the positive vibes illuminating the market at the moment. You’ll feel good and so will your customers. Be a “happy hero!”



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