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How Stuff Works: Blue Light Blocking Glasses

March 23, 2020

Blue light blocking glasses are more popular than ever, especially as more and more employees are working from home and taking fewer breaks between their work and personal screens. But how do they work, and why are they a perfect choice for your staff and customers? Read on to learn more!


What is blue light?

The visible light spectrum. — Johannes Ahlmann via Flickr (CC by 2.0)

Most of us already know that visible light is a spectrum. Sunlight, or “white light,” is a combination of all the colored light rays on that spectrum, the colors that we associate with a rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and all of their variations and shades. Rays on the red end have longer wavelengths and less energy; on the blue end, you get the rays with the shortest wavelengths and most energy. Just past that is the ultraviolet (UV), invisible radiation that causes everything from the perfect suntan to skin cancer.

Why do we want to block it?

Blue light, like UV radiation, has benefits and risks. But the reason it’s on everyone’s mind these days is because it’s increasingly used in man-made light sources: our computer and smartphone screens, flat-screen TVs, those LED headlights that blind you from behind on the highway. And the human eye, while it’s extremely good at blocking UV rays (less than 1 percent reaches the retina, even without sunglasses!), is just not made for blocking blue. And excessive exposure contributes to eye strain, especially after cataract surgery.

Why not just get a tint on your regular glasses?

Some folks who have had cataract surgery have a yellow tint added to their regular glasses. But the problem is, some blue light is good for you! It boosts alertness, memory, and mood. The real concern is excess exposure, such as for people who work in front of computers all day.

So, is there a promo solution?

Luckily, there’s a promo solution! Show your staff that you care about their ocular health — include these in new hire or work-at-home kits. They’re also perfect for optometrists or libraries to use as a handout alternative to sunglasses. In fact, they’re perfect for anyone looking for a great 2020 VISION! promo before the year is out. These classic, trendy accessories work by filtering out blue light to reduce strain — perfect for desk use or while driving at night.

Explainer — Genevieve Trainor @ 8:01 pm

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