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A Few of Our Favorite Things, Part 2

October 21, 2020

Erica’s Top Fall Guide Picks!

Our staff is beyond excited about our current fall guide, which is loaded up with the very best in giving. Over the course of several posts, we’ll be sharing their favorites with you. Share your favorites in the comments!

VP Sales Erica Kelley-Gogel

 I’ll start with the Bamboo Wireless Light Up Speaker (pg. 6) and the Crumbee™ Desktop Vacuum (pg. 7). I chose both of these items because people’s desks look a lot different today than they did six months ago. Whether people are working from home (at the kitchen table) or in the office (with a web camera and mic), people’s desks just look different. Not only that, they’re being utilized differently as well — and at different times throughout the day. The speaker is nice to have, as hearing out of a laptop or computer speaker can be harder to do — the sound just isn’t as good. The speaker helps with that and brightens up the space. If one is working later in the day, it provides just a bit of light. And the bamboo makes it eco-friendly.
Working at home or even in the office (with communal break room use discouraged), I would guess that many people, like me, are eating lunch or having snacks at their desk. I normally eat at my desk, so the Crumbee™ vacuum is just perfect! Helps to keep the desk area clean. Both are perfect gifts for employees still working from home and those who go into the office. It comes with a little brush for your keyboard or calculator. The speaker has a nice-sized imprint area, but the Crumbee™ provides for a full-color imprint on the full top of the item.
I also chose the Pattern Play Silicone Oven Mitt (pg. 16), along with either of the two cookbooks (pg. 2). With people staying closer to home, cooking and baking are things that they can do as a family. Pairing the two together to create a little bit of a higher-end gift is a good idea, perfect if you’ve held off on purchases over the past several months, but now need a way to recognize and thank employees or clients. Another great item to combine with these is one of Mel’s favorites, the cookie cutters!
Last, I chose the Taddle Toes (pg. 17). And yes, I specifically requested the elephant — my youngest daughter loves elephants (so much, in fact, that we adopted two adults and a baby in her name; her room has an elephant mural; you name it, if it has an elephant, she probably has it!). But I didn’t choose it for her. I chose it because this is the perfect product for nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Stuffed animals provide comfort no matter the age — every emergency room should give every kid who walks in the door a stuffed animal. With the amount of stress and uncertainty in today’s world, a stuffed animal can only bring a smile to your face and make you feel better.


Explore the rest of our fall guide! Click below:

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