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October 16, 2020

These past nine months of 2020 feel like they’ve been a rough couple of decades, don’t they? Now is a great time for your clients to show their employees some appreciation. Anything that shows they are recognized as valuable can make the difference for an employee who’s been giving it all they’ve got.

Recent studies done by Promotional Products Association International have shown that

Recognition Programs Work

  • Recognition programs boost sales an average of 26%
  • Promotional products as incentives can boost employee performance by 22%
  • Team recognition boosts performance up to 44%
  • Incentive programs that run for more than a year increase performance by 44%
  • According to a recent survey, workers reported going 50 days since they last felt recognized.

Boosting morale is as easy as making use of our in-house capabilities! Gift cards are a wonderful form of recognition — made even better when distributed in a custom gift-card holder. Certificates and awards really give employers the opportunity to make recognition personal; we can print them, and a classy branded holder to give with them, to boot! And nothing speaks as clearly as their own words: Custom thank-you cards are the perfect place to jot down thoughts on what an employee means to the company.

On the other hand tangible awards, plaques, and other recognition pieces are also critical. Jewelry (watch, ring, etc.), a high quality plaque, or a glass award is something an employee will cherish and which serves as a constant reminder of their hard-earned achievement! These recognition gifts greatly increase self-esteem and improve morale, provide a visible expression of achievement and appreciation, and are critical in our world’s changing business climate and economic times.

Do you have an awards and recognition program? Bankers can help you create a successful one from start to finish!

Key attributes to an Awards and Recognition program:

  • Reinforces company goals
  • Helps strengthen the company’s brand
  • Helps improve employee loyalty
  • Encourages personal achievement
  • Rewards performance
  • Increases productivity
  • Builds self-esteem and motivation
  • Builds a sense of accomplishment
  • Most importantly, it says, “thank-you!” for a job well done!

More facts about awards and recognition:

  • Companies that incentivize employees are 44% more likely to have above average profits
  • 47% of employee recognition gifts are company logo merchandise
  • Companies spend $46 billion dollars on recognition programs each year

If employees have held steadfast through the ravages of the pandemic and helped you rise above, they deserve recognition. Contact your Bankers consultant today to help you recognize and reward your best asset — your team! Click here to see some of our award options!

Marketing,Staff Appreciation — Molly Beavers @ 9:30 am

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