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June 15, 2021

Sales Manager
Melanie Lamb

During my travels last weekend, I decided to test out a couple of promotional items.
The first was the back-of-seat airplane pocket. This item was nice but would be even nicer for longer flights. It fits over the tray in front of you which will provide a clean surface to eat and work on. Once the tray is in the upright position, it serves as a nice organizational piece. Great to store your phone, earbuds, books, etc. during your flight. When your flight is over, it easily folds up and is ready to use for your next flight.

The next item I put to the test was the Traveling Organizer Set. I was only going to be gone for one night, so I had to pack very sparsely. I thought I would try rolling my clothes up and putting them into the travel cube and lo and behold, they fit!
This was easy to pack into my backpack and kept everything all together. I used the smaller one to pack my snacks. Again, it kept everything all together and not scattered throughout my bag.


I also tried this AreoLOFT Organizer, made of a performance nylon fabric that is lightweight, water repellent, and super durable. It features three zipper pockets in the front, one on the back, and a gusset on the bottom. Because of the fabric it is not flimsy at all. I put all of my tech items into it. In the past, I’ve tried the RuMe Baggie All, which I liked — until I tried this one. The bag from RuMe is very flimsy and not as durable, so I’d choose the AreoLOFT as a top pick.


As you can see in the picture there are a couple of my “don’t leave home without them” items as well — the Tech Taco and the My Charge Power Bank. These items are a travel must have!


With the traveling season approaching us, I hope this gives you some great ideas.



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