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November 2, 2022

Decades ago, the kitchen was simply a room for preparing meals. Unlike today’s multi-purpose space, kitchens were often small, separated rooms designed to conceal dirty dishes and food odors. But as trends and lifestyles changed, the kitchen became the heart of the home. Today’s kitchen is a versatile and multifunctional area where families and friends can gather, catch up and make memories together. In the kitchen, families can share the details of their day, parents can cook while helping with homework and guests can enjoy treats like the trending charcuterie board. The kitchen has become even more important as a place of comfort, fellowship and creativity. Brands wanting to reach end users should meet them where they are: in the kitchen.

Here are multiple ideas from page 8 of the Bankers 2022 Fall Gift Guide:

  • Bamboo Kitchen Scale #8010
  • Zonal Indoor Bamboo Weather Station #BA315WS
  • Calacotta Charcuterie Board #HW102MACB
  • Vida Stoneware Jar #21101

And Our Monthly Web Specials:

  • CraftKitchen™ Chop/Prep/Serve Boards (Rectangle #RCK07) (Round #RCK06 )


Food is intertwined with lifestyles, religions and cultures. Whether vegan or gluten-free, people identify with the food they eat. According to research, once a branded item is in the kitchen, the average retention rate is four years. Simple tools, like pizza cutters and ice cream scoopers, are common favorites that can deliver extended brand exposure.

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