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The Many Creative Uses of Promotional Door Hangers

November 4, 2022

When you think “promotional door hangers,” does the word creative come to mind?


We’re guessing not. And that’s ok. We get it; a printed piece of paper isn’t inherently exciting. It’s what you put on that piece of paper—and how you use it—that can kick this budget-friendly promotional product up a notch.


How to use custom door hangers to promote your business:

Looking for some design inspiration for your promotional door hangers? We have some clever design ideas and case studies for you.

  1. Keep residents informed

Keep a supply of pre-printed doorknob hangers on hand for municipal services to hand out to residents on an as-needed basis. For this design, the water department uses door hangers to inform residents of service or payment issues.

  1. Give yourself some quiet time

Not just for outside doors, hang it on the office door if you have an important call, the basement door if you want a quiet, uninterrupted workout, or the den if you want to kick back and watch a show or read a book in peace.


  1. Not just for doors! Bottle hangers for your branding.

Think of it as a greeting card that hangs on a bottle of wine or champagne (your alcohol gift of choice). Printed on the front and back, this useful branding tool is popular with realtors as part of their closing gift package for homebuyers. The #2004-C Bottle Hanger makes an inexpensive way for realtors to thank homebuyers. The realtor simply goes out and purchases a nice bottle of wine (a bottle of liquor would work as well) and places this full color printed bottle hanger on it with a nice message of “THANKS”. What a great “Welcome Home” gift.

  1. Door hangers for privacy and Do Not Disturb signs

Whether it’s at the office, at an event, or just at home, privacy matters. Use custom hangers on your doorknobs to inform others that the room is currently in use. Here, a breast pump manufacturer provided door hang tags for moms who use their product. Door hangers are the perfect reusable “do not” disturb sign. Whether it’s at work or an event, give moms the privacy they deserve.

  1. Show off the brand, give them documents they need with pocket door hangers.

Bills, invoices, receipts, marketing flyers, brochures… whatever you need to get to them, pocket door hangers are the answer. No more rolling up a flyer and awkwardly sticking it in the door handle. Just slip the papers into the pouch, and you’re done. That’s marketing made easy!

  1. Use door hangers as a non-intrusive way to ask for help.

Whether homeowners are at home or out, leaving a doorknob hanger on their front door is an easy way to let them know you want their attention—but you don’t want to disrupt their day in doing so. This simple door hanger for a non-profit asked homeowners to share their excess fruit with others in their community. It was an easy way to promote a message. Simple message on the front, full details on the back.


Even more ideas!

We have many more ideas to share, so here’s a list of other ways to use custom printed doorknob hangers for your business, organization, or cause:

  • Political campaign marketing tool: More practical than shoving a flyer in a door!
  • Convention mini swag kit: Hand out pocket door hangers to attendees at registration or hang on their doorknobs. Fill the pocket with a small collection of mini goodies!
  • Hotels & Inns: Want to use less water? If guests are staying multiple nights, offer them a door hanger so they can tell staff whether they want their sheets washed that night or not.
  • Library Giveaway: Encourage library patrons to read more by giving out “Do Not Disturb” bookmarks for them to hang on their door at home.

Remember these inexpensive brand builders when adding to your promotional campaign.


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