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20 Ways Promotional Products Help Grow your Business!

May 31, 2023

We’re jumping on the Chat GPT train and giving you ideas to illustrate how promotional products can be used in your advertising campaigns!

  1. Brand recognition: A great way to increase brand recognition is by putting your logo and branding in front of potential customers.
  2. Advertising: Promo can be a cost-effective way to advertise your business, especially if items are given out at events or tradeshows.
  3. Incentives: Incentives to encourage customers to buy more or refer new customers to your business.
  4. Customer loyalty: Build customer loyalty by showing your appreciation for their business and creating a positive association with your brand.
  5. Employee motivation: Incentives motivate employees to reach sales goals or perform well on the job.
  6. Trade show giveaways: Promotional products are a must-have at trade shows, where they can help attract potential customers to your booth and create brand recognition.
  7. Product launches: Generate buzz and excitement around new product launches to increase sales and brand recognition.
  8. Sales meetings: Use as giveaways at sales meetings to motivate sales representatives.
  9. Brand differentiation: Help differentiate your brand from competitors by creating a unique and memorable experience for customers.
  10. Public relations: Use in public relations efforts, such as media kits or press events, to create positive exposure for your brand.
  11. Charitable events: Give out at charitable events to show your support and create goodwill in the community.
  12. Brand ambassadors: Give to brand ambassadors or influencers to help promote your business and increase brand recognition.
  13. Customer appreciation: Show appreciation to loyal customers, increasing their loyalty and likelihood of repeat business.
  14. Social media: Generate social media engagement and buzz by encouraging customers to post photos or reviews with your products.
  15. Referral programs: Incentivize customers who refer new business to your company, increasing sales and brand recognition.
  16. Employee gifts: Give as gifts to employees, creating a positive work environment and increasing job satisfaction.
  17. Direct mail campaigns: Include in direct mail campaigns, increasing the likelihood that your message will be received and remembered.
  18. Thank-you gifts: Thank-you gifts to show appreciation to clients or partners, creating positive relationships and increasing business opportunities.
  19. Sponsorships: Include as part of sponsorship packages, increasing brand exposure and creating positive associations with the sponsored event or organization.
  20. Brand identity: Help reinforce your brand identity by creating a consistent look and feel across all promotional materials.

These are broad ideas that can benefit any business. For more inspiration tailored to your company, contact your Bankers Promotional Consultant. 

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