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Add a Pop of Color to Hydration Month!

June 21, 2023

Summer is here and it’s HOT! Drinkware is needed and appreciated year-round, but especially right now.

This trend is all about incorporating vibrant, bold and colorful items into our lives to boost moods and enhance the overall sense of well-being. Colors have a powerful influence on emotions and can evoke different feelings and reactions.

Here we recognize the psychological impact that colors can have and are encouraged to surround ourselves with hues that bring joy, positivity, and energy.

For example, bright and sunny yellows can evoke feelings of happiness and optimism. Refreshing blues can remind us of tranquil waters and a sense of calm. Tropical corals can bring a touch of excitement and vitality to our daily routines. These bold and vibrant colors have the ability to elevate our mood and make our drinking moments more enjoyable.

Drinkware featured in this image linked:

Maxim Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Mug – 40 oz. #DMU-MX23

Charlotte Mug – 12 oz. #50034

Slim Fit Water Bottle – 24 oz. #TB24

h2go Conquer – 24 oz. #9655XX 

Ronnie Color Changing Tumbler – 24 oz. #46315

Serena Aluminum Bottle – 20 oz. #50041

Think outside of the box this summer and all eyes will be on your brand! Contact your Bankers Promotional Consultant for more COLORFUL ideas!

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