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Gear Up For Spring with Umbrellas!

February 9, 2024

Need some reasons to promote your company with the longest kept promotional product? Here are ten.

VALUE: Even the most budget-priced styles have very high-perceived value. No matter the amount spent, people will think the umbrella cost more, and what gift recipient doesn’t like that?!

LONGEVITY: Umbrellas are kept longer than any other promotional item, according to research by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI)!

IMPACT: Umbrellas make a big impression with a large, visible imprint area, not to mention multiple possible locations! Most styles feature panel printing, both upper and undercanopy, along with wide tie and case imprinting.

CONVENIENCE: Everyone can use more than one, whether they keep them handy at home, the office, in the car or in their bag/briefcase!

UTILITY: Umbrellas are great for the rain, of course, but also for sun and snow protection!

OPTIONS: With wildly popular inverted styles, plus folding, golf, and fashion, our umbrellas have you covered! There are umbrellas that pair with an app to tell end users when it’s going to rain.

UNISEX: Both women and men appreciate a great umbrella, and you don’t have to worry about buying them in a range of sizes like you do with apparel!

FLEXIBILITY: Umbrellas can be used as an appropriate gift, whether it’s for clients, prospects, employees, members, etc.!

CLASSIC: Why give out a gift that leaves people wondering what they’ll ever do with it, when an umbrella always speaks for itself?

COLOR: With a wide range of color combinations and multi-color imprinting possibilities, there isn’t a promotional theme that can’t be matched!
Did you know 45% of all consumers own promotional umbrellas?

Umbrella Day is February 10th and March is Umbrella Month! Contact your Bankers Promotional Consultant for more information.

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