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Three Reasons Why you Should Brand a Journal 

April 15, 2024

Equip your audience with the tools needed to achieve goals, while also aligning your brand with their journey towards success.

Why it Works
1. Improved Engagement & Retention – Studies have shown that physically writing down information helps individuals better process and remember content.
2. Professional Image & Brand Visibility – Offering high-quality notebooks ensures that the notebooks are used during meetings, conferences, or workshops showing off the logo decorated on it to everyone around them.
3. Personalization & Connection – Each notebook reflects an understanding of different brand preferences and values, catering to diverse needs and fostering more meaningful and enduring relationships.


Kalan Journal #CA9791 – Designed for business executives and professionals seeking to jot down essential notes, meeting minutes, and creative  ideas, with the added benefit of a magnetic closure to ensure document security.

Montado Cork And Linen Journal #CA9788 – A must-have for environmentally conscious brands and individuals. The cork and linen  cover, along with the wheat straw and cork pen, highlight sustainability efforts. It can be used for eco-friendly promotions, workshops, or as a thoughtful gift for clients and partners.

Savannah Journal #CA9645 – Tailored for globetrotters, this journal is designed to accompany travelers on their journeys. The front slash pocket can hold travel essentials such as a phone, tickets, or maps, and the elastic expansion provides space for souvenirs. The undated pages allow for versatile use during trips.

Castelli Laser Medio Lined Journals QB4MQ/QB4MD/Q24MC – Tailored for students, teachers, and researchers, this notebook is perfect for keeping track of lecture notes, research findings, and project ideas. Its durable cover and ribbon page marker help keep things organized.

Spiral Bound Combo Neoskin #ST4471 – Perfect for event planners and attendees, this journal comes complete with a matching pen, making it ideal for seamless note-taking during seminars, workshops, and conferences. The neoskin’s ribbon page marker adds convenience for professionals engaged in networking and learning opportunities.

Soft Cover Combo Bradford #ST4841 – Also check out this popular spiral bound 8″ x 10″ option.


Journals are great promo for businesses that want to put their brand in front of a large audience. The possibilities are endless. If your clients are looking for an eco-friendly options, check out these.

Hardcover Combo Tiki #EC3601 – made from 34% postconsumer pineapple fiber.

Castelli Oceano ECO rPET Medio Lined Recycled White Page Journal #QG18V – made from plastic that pollutes our oceans is recovered through an upcycle process and transformed into an ecofriendly polyester fabric cover.


Need more ideas? Contact your Promotional Product Consultant.

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