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5 Fabulous Last Minute Gifts

December 14, 2015

5 Fabulous Last Minute Gifts

Woops…. Its December 14, and you still need to think of a gift to give your top customers or employees. 45065_ZDon’t worry, it’s not too late to show you care, and promote your brand while you’re at it. Bankers offers many options even if you’re late to the party. Contact your promotional products consultant today, to discuss your options!

#1) Whether they’re a coffee addict, tea drinker or hot chocolate lover, this attractive looking travel mug will make them smile. With several colorful options to choose from, it’s a holiday win!

45065 | Colored Acrylic Tumbler – 16 oz.21102_Z

#2) Winter weather brings a slew of different possible hazards on the road. Prepare your favorite people by giving them a roadside safety light.

21102 | Roadside Safety Light

#3) Here’s an attractive and useful gift. A padfolio is professional and neutral for both ladies and gentlemen.AP4640_Z (1)

AP4640 | McCarthy Jr. Writing Pad a padfolio! 

#4) You just can’t fail with a nice gift pen. Need something higher-end? Consider pairing it with the padfolio.

55725 | Excalibur Black Pen

#5) Advertise your every day for the next 365 days with a calendar. They are useful in both the 55725_Zhome and the office.

Calendar for 2016 | 1912 | Great Inventions Calendar1912_GreatInvent_15

Don’t forget about packaging… it adds big value on a lower price point product. There are still many quick-production options out there. Call us to discuss options today!

3 Secrets to a Successful Gifting Season

November 14, 2015

Each year you set out to find a unique gift for your top customers and employees.IMG_0555 Each year you may experience a little anxiety about said unique gift.  You want to be “different.” You want to stand out. You want to be noticed. And most of all, you want to make your recipient feel appreciated without breaking the bank.

It’s easy to overthink the “what” in gift giving. Instead, think about it in terms of “how.” Consider these important factors, and you’re sure to be a gifting star this season:

Don’t give a gift. Give a bundle!

With a per gift budget in mind, it’s common to begin looking for the one item that fits in the budget. But, what if you select a few smaller items bundled together? Bundling several items together increases the perceived value.

What’s better? With multiple branded items in a gift package, K5012you’ll receive higher brand exposure. By creating a kit or package of products, the recipients are left with many brand impressions vs. just one. As products are used, they may be separated from the bundle. That means your brand is located in multiple places around the home and/or office.

Packaging is everything.

The first impression can set the tone of receiving the gift and emotional connection. Much of the attention in choosing gifts is given to the gift itself, but the presentation of the gift is a value-added opportunity that can’t be ignored.

Interestingly, a lot of psychological research has been done in why we wrap gifts. The question psychologists have asked themselves is whether people prefer to receive a gift if it is wrapped or not. The research suggests that people have a more positive attitude towards a gift they are about to receive if it has been wrapped.

Packaging options are an inexpensive way to increase the perceived value of a gift by leaps and bounds. Gift bags, custom ribbon and gift boxes will enhance the selected item and maximize the impression it leaves.

Distribution is key.

Distributing gifts is an element of planning that is all too often forgotten about, but its actually a very important part of the gift receiving experience.

Hand-delivering some of the branded gifts is an incredibly personal and authentic way to express your appreciation. Your dedication to this delivery method is super impressive and meaningful to your recipient. They won’t ever forget it, that’s for sure.

On the other hand, sometimes mailing a gift is more feasible. There are pros and cons to both. If you decide to mail or ship your gift, a hand-written personal note goes a long way. In a world of emails, texts, Facebook and snapchatting, a hand-written note intended specifically for the recipient makes them feel uber special… even if it’s just a few kind words of thanks.

Remember… you’re not in this alone. Rely on your experts at Bankers Advertising to help you plan out the perfect holiday gift experience!

Back To School

July 25, 2013

Distributing Back to School promotional products is a great idea for any business or organization, especially one that has a target demographic of families with school-aged children. While students may dread the idea of going back to school, businesses can help make it more fun by giving  way fun products that they’ll love. With these Back to School promotional products, pupils are going to be so excited about the first day  of classes. Items such as pens, pencils, pencil pouches, bookmarks, rulers, highlighters, hand sanitizers, lanyards, bag tags, lunch boxes,  backpacks, planners and locker mirrors will help brighten up the dreary first day of school. Parents are going to love it when their kids come  home with these fantastic products, too. When a business hands out Back to School promotional products, parents can cross one more school  supply off the list.

School and College promotional items are great for building school spirit and help to build pride for their community and  their school or university. Popular school items have been: promotional travel mugs, sweatshirt notebooks (Gordon Sinclair), college mints (Hospitality Mints), backpacks, stadium cups, blankets, lap top covers and team bags with their school logo.

When it comes to Back to School  there are many different ways a business can promote themselves and they don’t have to spend a lot of money to create some fabulous     promotions. One that works really well is a raffle. Some businesses like to hold one per day or one per week and others just do one big Back to   School raffle. You can raffle off all kinds of promotional items such as backpacks, stadium seats, chairs, pens, umbrellas, etc. and most  businesses find that using the local school colors really helps to boost interest in these items.

Businesses may also want to consider offering pens and pencils, even memo books and refrigerator magnets with the upcoming sport schedules for the Back to School nights and PTO   meetings in their area. These items are a great way to show their community support and showcase their business all at the same time. Career  nights are also a good way to inform others about their business and pass out some small freebie items that can be used to contact them in the  future.

A business that is community based will probably realize the importance of the local sports teams to the town they live and work in and   as a result, there is no place better to advertise for their business. This can be done  with a donation of imprinted cups, napkins, popcorn bags,  t-shirts, jerseys or even a banner with their name on it. Making this type of statement helps to showcase their business in a favorable light  without having to go over budget. A new school year provides a business with another opportunity to shine. Its best to get them started thinking about Back to School now. This will save them time and money in the fall and will allow you the time to come up with some of the
most outstanding promotions their town has ever seen.

Remember kids and parents alike love showing their school pride with logoed apparel and accessories, such as flip-flops, t-shirts, sweatshirts, lanyards, gym bags, hats, stocking caps, jackets and scarves during those games on chilly nights, too. Just remember if their giveaway is intended for children under the age of 12, please be sure the item is CPSIA compliant. -Brenda Thurness

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Promote with Parades this Independence Day

May 23, 2011

By Erica Kelley-Gogel, CAS

The nation’s birthday is right around the corner – how will your business celebrate? The Fourth of July is a great time to hand out promotional products for events like parades. Communities often sponsor Independence Day parades and many area businesses get in on the action. No organization is left out – common participants include real estate agents, insurance bureaus, fire departments, chiropractors, dentists and locally owned restaurants and small businesses. What about your business? Parades are a great way to get the word out about your company.

A small nearby town hosts a great parade that lasts around an hour, with different companies walking, tossing out can coolers, flying disks and magnets along with many, many pounds of candy for the kids. Though candy is a favorite to toss from floats, it doesn’t leave a lasting impression or a reminder of the businesses that participated in the parade. After all, you’re looking for new business and new clients, so you want everyone to remember your name! Consider the alternatives listed below, and if you need help, contact us and we’ll connect you with one of our expert promotional product consultants.

Include your logo and an American flag! We have all these great products with patriotic themes, from some of our top lines:

  • Plastic or nonwoven bags – recipients will love them, they’re great for holding all the products they’ll accumulate during the parade.
  • Decals and magnets – a magnet on your customer’s refrigerator will be seen every day. We make them here at Bankers Advertising!
  • Jar opener – kitchen items are always useful and popular.
  • Sunscreen – not only will it show your company’s regard for proper health care, but it’s a reminder of your brand whenever they apply.
  • Emery boards – great choice, especially for salons and beauty supply stores.
  • Misting fan – ideal, especially for those sitting in the hot sun watching a parade. You know it’ll be appreciated!
  • Flying disks – keep them entertained and spread the word about your company all summer long.
  • Pens – a classic promotional product. Get them in red and blue or choose your company colors.
  • Lip balm – also with SPF, perfect for summertime. You can even do a full-color process imprint.
  • Can coolers – who doesn’t love these? Drinks stay colder longer and no perspiration on the table.
  • Key tag – be All American with a flag key tag.

Now is the time to find out when your area is hosting parades. If you’re involved in more than one, consider cohesive product ideas and designs for even better branding. Again, if you need products, don’t hesitate to contact Bankers Advertising Company. We’re happy to help with custom ideas in a price range you’re comfortable with. Happy 4th of July!

Go Green for Earth Day

March 22, 2011

Earth Day is the name used for two different observances, both held worldwide annually. While some celebrate Earth Day around the time of the vernal equinox on March 20, others observe the occasion on April 22 each year. Earth Day aims to inspire awareness of and appreciation for the earth’s environment. It is currently observed in more than 140 countries.

Typical Earth Day events include planting trees, picking up roadside trash, conducting various programs for recycling and, of course, working to correct excess trash output, energy usage, water waste and fuel intake. Others make Earth Day a month long celebration to stress the importance of caring for our environment. After all, it’s important to protect our planet not only for our sake, but for the benefit of future generations.

Earth Day is a great time to promote your company’s greener side. Create a positive impression with customers by using environmentally friendly promotional products to market your business! These products are also great to use in schools. Here at Bankers we have tons of great sources to fulfill your needs from our Advantage, Key & Recommended vendors.

Quickpoint has a variety of eco-friendly items that would be perfect to celebrate this holiday. First off, all their Bio Ad items are made out of biodegradable plastic. However, the biodegrading process doesn’t begin until the product reaches the landfill. Under normal use, these products will last a lifetime.

Nature Ad products from Quickpoint are made of corn plastic, a more environmentally friendly option than regular plastic, which is generally manufactured utilizing petroleum-based material. Not only are they biodegradable, but they’re an American product, too! Agriculture clients will love that these corn products benefit the U.S. farm economy.

Humphrey offers products made from post-industrial recycled material. These fun items will vary in color due to their material, but multiple-color imprints are available. The #44 Recycled All Pro Yoyos, #99 Recycled Flyers and #147 Recycled Pail have all been child-safety tested and are made in the USA.

Some companies are jumping at the opportunity to create products using recycled water bottles. Ariel has a variety of recycled P.E.T. bags that are made from 85% post-consumer water bottles, recycled to create a sustainable product that is safe for the environment. Prime Line has eco-friendly biodegradable plastic water bottles. Spector & Co. even has a new aqua pen that is made from recycled bottles.

If you haven’t considered promoting your company around Earth Day, think about the unique opportunities you’ll have to market your brand and stay top of mind with customers.

~ Spring and Summer Sizzler Giveaway ~

February 23, 2011

Sorry, this giveaway has ended.

Thanks for Liking our Facebook page and/or following us on Twitter. If you found this page by clicking the QR code on your Spring & Summer Sizzler brochure or flyer that’s awesome, too!!

Here are the details to win a super awesome BBQ set – the same one featured in our Sizzler! We’re giving one away to a lucky customer.

From now through April 30, anybody who fills out our Contact form will be entered in the drawing. If you’ve filled out the form in the past, just do it again and we’ll count it as an entry. After today, only one entry per person will be counted toward the giveaway.

Again, all you need to do is go to our Contact Us page and fill out your information. Whether you have a salesperson or not, you’ll be entered to win and will also receive a free Spring and Summer Sizzler brochure by mail!!

If you have any questions, please e-mail Megan.

Thanks and good luck!

How To Make Customers Love You

January 19, 2011

Our country goes gaga for all things gooey and sentimental right around February 14. Love is in the air and not only for couples – it’s the perfect time to tell your clients how much you love them! Don’t worry about being cheesy or overly romantic, everyone is wearing rose colored glasses when this sweet holiday rolls around and customers will be so happy to hear from you.

What promotional product is best for Valentine’s Day? There are tons of options – teddy bears, heart-shaped key chains, customizable greeting cards and, of course, a huge variety of assorted candy.


It’s a Great Time to Sell Appreciation Cards

October 15, 2010

It’s beginning to look a lot like… Thanksgiving! The cooler air is sweeping in, football season is well on its way, and the leaves are turning beautiful colors. Business greeting cards are perfect for relaying greetings to clients and employees during the holiday season. (more…)

Fight the Flu!

July 29, 2010

Flu season will strike this fall… that we are sure of.  In addition to seasonal flu viruses, it is very likely that the 2009 H1N1 flu virus will circulate in our communities. We can’t stop the flu from coming, but what we can do is make an effort to protect and prevent our families and our communities from contracting and spreading flu viruses. It will take all of us working together to “Fight the Flu.” (more…)

Take Advantage of Summertime Opportunities

June 10, 2009

Pools are open, school is finally out, and warm weather is here to stay – summer is officially here! In addition to family reunions, baseball games, and potlucks – summer also provides a number of event opportunities for businesses to get involved in the community.

Chances are your business will be involved with an event such as a fair, festival, parade, or carnival this summer. Taking part in events like these is a great way to gain exposure for your company for a day. However, to gain exposure well beyond a single event, why not give out a fun or useful promotional product during it? Promotional products will make your company a “must-stop” location at an event, while continuing to promote your business longer after the event is over. (more…)

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