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A Few of Our Favorite Things, Part 4

November 5, 2020

Brenda’s Top Fall Guide Picks!

Our staff is beyond excited about our current fall guide, which is loaded up with the very best in giving. Over the course of several posts, we’ll be sharing their favorites with you. Share your favorites in the comments!

Sales Manager
Brenda Thurness

 8-Foot Dual Charging Cable with USB-C (pg. 6): USB-C is an industry-standard connector for transmitting both data and power on a single cable. This charging cable is compatible with Apple® 8-Pin, Micro-USB, and USB-type-C devices. The braided rope makes it durable. Has a Velcro strap to keep it rolled up, and it’s eight feet long, giving you ample length to stretch to those hard to reach outlets. I like this length because our couches have USB ports on the sides of them — so when I’m sitting on the couch, I can plug them in and still have plenty of cord to work with my phone while it’s charging. Available in black, blue or red. A good gift for companies to send to their employees working at home as a way of keeping in touch. It’s important that companies with employees working from home brand the offices of their employees — and this would fit nicely in a tuck box. You can story it with “Staying Connected” or “Keeping In Touch.”
What’s Pop’N Gourmet Popcorn Gift Set (pg. 9): This makes a great gift for about anyone with a microwave. It comes with Pop ’N Wow Carnival Classic Popcorn and two seasonings: white cheddar and kettle corn. My favorite feature is that it folds up flat for easy storage. This is a perfect company employee gift or a special occasion gift. Banks with branches could use as a donation gift. Local businesses are frequently approached for donations. A main office could buy 20 and put three or four in each branch for when someone asks for a donation.
Lantern with Tool Set (pg. 8): Features LED light source, red flashing mode, 15 pc. tool set including a tape measure, blade knife, five screwdriver bits with one adapter, two-piece sockets, one precision flat head, one precision cross screwdriver, one screwdriver handle and two hex keys. We have campers in our family so I thought this would make a great gift for them. Great for RV dealers or anyone looking for an outdoor-themed or safety program gift. An item any outdoor enthusiast would love.
Heather Ultimate Utility Tote (pg. 14): Large main compartment with wire rim to help keep its shape. Front pocket for smaller items. Sewn in hard bottom. The heather material has a rich look. I have them in our cars holding blankets, umbrellas, ice scrapers, and raincoats. Keeps them all in one spot, and I can easily remove everything from the car if I want to clear out the back end. I use them to haul groceries home from Costco. I’ve used them to haul all my belongs to sporting events such as a blanket, a cooler, coats, hot chocolate, jacket, purse, sun screen, portable fans, bug spray, camera, and whatever else I think I may need for that event. Right now, my youngest daughter is using the tote to haul things back and forth to college. This would make a nice piece for car dealerships to hand out when you purchase a car from them. These are remarkably similar in style to the popular Thirty-One utility tote bags, but at a fraction of the price!
Ambidextrous Utility Scissors (pg. 16): Stainless steel scissors with serrated edge. Magnetic plastic blade sheath can be imprinted in full color, but the nicest part is the magnetic back. You can hang them on your refrigerator — don’t have to dig for them in the junk door. And they are usable by a right- or left-handed person. These also have a jar lid opener/gripper on them. I took these home the other day for my daughter to try and she loved them. They come polybagged as a convenience for handing out. This would be perfect for real estate agents or sales reps within a company to hand out as a gift. I know several of our reps have handed out scissors as a Christmas gift. Who wouldn’t like a pair of these! Available in Black, Neon Green, and White (temporarily out of stock; expected in January).


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