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The Stylus Trend – the latest in Writing Instrument Technolog

August 8, 2014

Jewel Stylus Pen

Wasn’t Steve Job’s adamantly against the stylus?  Didn’t Apple design the iPhone and iPad to be so intuitive that children with finger-painting abilities could use them?  Well, yes, but it seems that the stylus is becoming more and more necessary as note-taking and drawing apps become popular and higher-level functionality is developing.

Those of us with petite, pointy fingers can hit the most minute icon on the iPhone.  But there are some of us who still prefer one degree of separation between us and the screen (chronic users of handcream, you know who you are).  There are many reasons to use a stylus and now that there are so many to choose from that are in combination with a pen, it’s a natural fit for the promotional products industry.

Pros of the stylus pen:

  • Use the touch screen keyboard more quickly
  • Draw on the touch screen with more accuracy
  • Project a more professional appearance when using a tablet
  • Use of stylus will keep screen cleaner
  • In general, it is easier to interact with some applications with a stylus than with a finger
  • Relatively inexpensive, yet high value perception

Consider  a Stylus Pen the next time you are promoting a technology brand, as an executive gift, employee appreciation gift, or at retail. We offer a variety of Stylus pens at several price points.

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